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Socialism in Latin America

No description

Thomas Eliot

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Socialism in Latin America

Castro Fidel Raúl Che Guevara 1959 Overthrow Batista Sponsored Marxists
in other countries cuba Dominican Republic U.S. puppet until 1930
becomes dictator Trujillo 1963
coup 1978 Leftists take power Puerto Rico United States Colony Venezuela Dictators until 1945 Elect Rómulo Gallegos Coup Jiménez 1948-1958 Coup 1998 Chávez Elected 2002: 47 hour coup Colombia Anti-Marxists in power Opposed by Marxist Guerillas (FARC) Oppose Marxists elsewhere Bolivia Laissez-Faire until 1941, when Non-Marxist MNR take power 1964 CIA(?)/military coup Tons of coups, elections of questionable legitimacy Real elections resume in 1985 2002 Evo Morales elected Chile 1920s: Marxists become popular Dictator General
Altamirano. relinquishes power in 1970 Salvador Allende
elected 1973 CIA and Pinochet 1988 Pinochet reintroduces elections, loses 2000 Socialists Elected Chavez in Venezuela Silva/Rousseff in Brazil Lugo in Paraguay Evo Morales in Bolivia Vázquez/Mujica in Uruguay Kirchner in Argentina Ortega in Nicaragua Zelaya in Honduras Correa in Ecuador Lagos/Bachelet in Chile Turn to the left Pink Tide Funes in el Salvador Guatemala United Fruit AKA Chiquita rules through puppet dictators 1944 Coup and
free Elections Arévalo Christian Socialist 1954 CIA Coup 1957 UFC Coup 1996 peace Christian Socialists 2007 Honduras Base for US-led anti-marxists Nicaragua Somoza becomes dictator. The Somozas rule until 1979
overthrown by Sandinistas 1912-1933 occupied by us marines Opposed by Sandino Iran/Contra Crack Cocaine 1990 elect non-Sandinistas Socialists in power now Reagan Costa Rica Democracy since 1910 Real Leftists hold power frequently, including now National Liberation Party Dictator democracy 1924 Coup
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