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Hitler's Blitzkrieg and the Fall of France

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Lauren Ruder

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Hitler's Blitzkrieg and the Fall of France

Hitler's Blitzkrieg and the Fall of France
France (with help from Britain) was defeated in just 6 weeks
The Maginot Line is a series of defensive posts designed to protect France from a German invasion
France Was Divided into 2 zones: one under German military occupation (pink) and Vichy France (purple) which is a French-controlled state but greatly influenced by Germany.
The French resistance supplied the allies with vital intelligence reports as well as doing a huge amount of work to disrupt the German supply and communication lines within France.
Blitzkrieg began in 1939 when Germany attacked Poland.
It took only 4 weeks for Germany to defeat Poland.
It took 2 weeks for Germany to defeat Norway.
It took 18 days For Germany to defeat Belgium.
It took 6 days for Germany to defeat the Netherlands.
It took 1 day for Germany to defeat Luxemburg.
It took only 2 hours for Germany to defeat Denmark.
"When the dive-bombers come down, they (the French) stood it for two hours and then ran with their hands over their ears."

"Sedan fell as a result of a bombardment……….it was a superb example of military surprise."

"The pace is too fast……it’s the co-operation between the dive-bombers and the tanks that is winning the war for Germany."

"News that the Germans are in Amiens………this is like some ridiculous nightmare."
- Captured French Soldier
Problem: Planes flew over the Maginot Line and the main attack went around it.

Blitzkrieg is the style of warfare used by Germany during WWII. "Blitz" means lightning and "krieg" means war. This style of warfare was fast moving and featured airplanes and tanks.
The French created the Maginot Line to defend against a German attack.
Maginot Line
German Blitzkrieg was effective as the countries of Europe surrendered quickly.
The Germans launched blitzkrieg on France on May 10th, 1940. They attacked through the Ardennes Forrest bypassing the Maginot Line.
The British army was trapped at Dunkirk.
At Dunkirk the British army was evacuated through Operation Dynamo. British citizens used their own boats to help rescue the troops.
"If the tanks succeed, than victory follows."
-Heinz Guderian
Prezi by Lauren Ruder (Prezi and research) and Kylie Fillion (quiz and research)

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