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Vanderbilt Siena Summer & Fall 2018 PDO

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on 2 April 2018

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Transcript of Vanderbilt Siena Summer & Fall 2018 PDO

Study Abroad in
Summer Electives being offered:
Italian Cultural History through Film 1860s-1960s
Sienese Art & Architecture
Contemporary Italian Literature (taught in Italian)
Economics of the European Union

Options of Semester courses (list has not been finalized):
Intercultural Communication: Italy in Sienese and Sicilian Contexts *recommended
Roman Art and Archaeology
Imagery and Public Space in Early Modern Europe
Sienese Art and Architecture
Life Drawing
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Economics of the European Union
Contemporary Italian Literature (taught in Italian)
Love Poetry of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance (taught in Italian)
Italian Cultural History through Film 1860s-1960s
Italian Cultural History
Evolution of the Media in Italy: From Unification to the Present
Italian and European Politics
European Banking System

Who Should I Ask?
Study Abroad in

What are your expectations and goals?
What are you most excited to experience while studying abroad?
What do you think will be the most challenging aspect about studying abroad?

Randall Salisbury
Director of Europe Programs

Next Steps
Complete documents in CET account
Complete documents in GEO account
Maintain good academic and disciplinary standing
Refer to CET Resources (in your online account) about residence permit, arrival & orientation information, housing, and more
Make sure all of your courses have a course equivalency on file
Await passport and visa (if you don't receive it roughly ten days before departure for Siena, contact Gabriela)
*Semester only
Course Evaluation Process
Your responsibility!
Start ASAP
Unless course evaluation is expiring, courses cannot be re-evaluated

If you want a course to count differently:
Direct credit
program--all grades appear on Vanderbilt transcript and factor into GPA
Cannot "opt out" of credits
Will receive number of credits listed on YES, may differ from CET's suggested credits
You cannot retake a class you took abroad on campus or vice versa
Semester= 15-18 VU credits
Summer=10 VU credits
No pass/fail
No AXLE credit
GEO registers you in a 12-credit placeholder for your semester abroad
This may be different than the number of credits you take abroad
Once VU receives your transcript from abroad, courses, grades and credits will be updated in YES
Transcripts may take up to 3 months to be sent to VU
Cost & Billing
programs are billed:
Vanderbilt tuition
$250 study abroad administrative fee (includes health insurance)
program fee

What is NOT included:
Meals (roughly $2,500)
Independent travel
Personal expenses (roughly $3,000)
Billing is the same as if you were at VU
Homestay fee will be billed directly to student
Financial aid applies for
programs (except work study)

What to expect?
Classes scheduled Monday - Thursday
Italian academic atmosphere
Academic and attendance policies
Textbooks provided
Be prepared to walk to your classes!

CET Center
All courses held here
Study space & wifi access
CET staff support
Program Calendar
August 29
Arrive in Siena
August 30- September 1
September 3
Classes begin
October 26- November 4
Fall Break
November 22
Thanksgiving (no classes)
December 10-13
Final Exams
December 15
Depart Siena
*TBD: Traveling Seminar
You will receive more information about activities and the program calendar when you arrive in Siena

Apartments with other CET Students and Local Roommate
Kitchen- stocked with pots & pans, utensils and glassware
Washing machine, no dryer
Towels, pillows, linens
Location, location, location!!!
No standardization
Meals - cook or eat at local restaurants (ask staff for recommendations!)
Homestay with local family
Breakfast and dinner provided daily
Living green - electricity, reusable bags, etc

Housing & Meals
Health & Wellness

Street Smarts
Bringing medications to Italy
Getting medical attention in Italy
GeoBlue Insurance
Online account resources
Academic Accommodations
Vanderbilt Incident Response for Travel (VIRT)
Emergency and travel assistance for VU students
Examples of how VIRT can assist you abroad:
Connecting you with appropriate healthcare abroad
Providing medical consultation to help you make informed decisions
Guiding you in using Vanderbilt-issued insurance
In an emergency, you can call VIRT at
+1 615-322-2745
any time of day or night, any day of the year
. Tell the VU Public Safety dispatcher that you want to report an issue to VIRT
You can also contact VIRT via email if it is not an emergency. A response will come within 24 hours.
Expectations (CET)
When traveling on weekends ALWAYS fill out the Travel Plans Form
So we can quickly locate all students in case of emergency
Gabriela Luis
Study Abroad Advisor, GEO
Arrival Day + Bus to Siena

Siena is connected by bus, train, airports (Florence and Pisa)

: Please do not schedule independent travel until you have arrived in Siena

**Your Permit of Stay appointment can be
scheduled for any day and cannot be changed
. If you miss the appointment you can be
fined thousands of euro or deported

Expectations (Vanderbilt)
Register for Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
When planning any travel, be sure to research destination
Review US Dept. of State's website for Travel Warnings or Alerts
Learn about health threats and in-country resources
Know emergency numbers for any country you visit
Make sure on-site staff can reach you at all times
Cell phones
Keep a copy of the emergency numbers on hand
Respond immediately if your RD, program office, or GEO contact you in an emergency
Gabriela Luis
Study Abroad Advisor
Jessica Kuh
Student Services Coordinator, Italy
laptop, cell phone, chargers & adapter
pack enough prescription medication for whole term!
in Siena: hot in summer, warmer at the beginning of fall term, colder at the end (layers + warm coat)
Pack strategically
: bring a small bag for weekend travel
Be aware of baggage weight limits (leave room for souvenirs!)

*See the
Packing Guide
in your CET account for tips!
Dealing with the day-to-day
Cell phones
Cash Culture
Asking for the check
Bottled Water
Public restrooms
Photocopies of important documents!
Receiving mail & packages

in CET account
Alumni Advice
Packing tips
Housing experiences
Cultural differences
What to do and where to travel

June 1
Arrive in Siena
June 2
June 4
Classes begin
July 2
The Palio!
July 23-26
Final Exams
July 28
Depart Siena

Cost & Billing
Billing is the same as if you were at VU
Homestay fee will be billed directly to student
Withdrawal fee:
If you withdraw after commitment, $500 study abroad fee for GEO is non-refundable
$500 CET cancellation fee + any non-recoverable costs
Can be thousands of dollars due to housing
You must
withdraw in writing
to both CET and GEO

programs are billed:
Vanderbilt tuition ($15,550)
$500 study abroad administrative fee (includes health insurance)

What is NOT included:
Meals (roughly $1,100)
Independent travel
Personal expenses (roughly $1,200)
Semester Language Options
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