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Art Portfolio

No description

Jamie Smith

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Art Portfolio

By: Jamie Smith Art PortfolioPresentation Farmyard Mountains Kiss From a Rose Colourful Forest Fooled John Wayne Oil on Canvas, 2011, 18" x 24", "In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. " - Bob Ross Oil on Canvas, 2011, 18" x 24", "The inspiration behind this project was to create a painting for my dad of his favourite breed of dog, the husky." - Jamie Smith Watercolour, 2012, 22" x 30", "Of all of the watercolours I have completed throughout my four years in highschool art, this was the most complex and rewarding." - Jamie Smith Oil on Canvas, 2012, 16" x 20", "Courage is being scared to death ... and saddling up anyway" - John Wayne Old Barn Graphite, 2009, 9" x 12", "Erect and secure, yet weathered and worn
Faithfully it stood surviving the storms
Cracking and peeling … its colors are muted
Stubbornly standing yet obviously wounded
Absorbing abuse for those in her shelter
Unobtrusively stands against all ghostly specter" - Laura Lynch - A Faithful Old Barn Icebergs, Davis Strait Oil pastel, 2009, 18" x 24", "Art is the beginning of vision into the realm of eternal life." (Lawren Harris) Watercolour, 2010, 11" x 15", " Well I hate to say the farmer
Was the last of a dying breed
Living off the land
And taking what he needs
Don't say much for the future
When a family can't survive
I'd hate to say the farmer
Was the last of his kind"
- NEIL YOUNG - FARM AID SONG LYRICS Old House Watercolour, 2010, 11" x 15", "This was one of the first watercolour paintings that I completed and was satisfied with the improvement of my skills" - Jamie Smith Graphite, 2011, 9" x 12", "The idea of this sketch is to deceive the eyes of the viewer and incorporate layers of deception" - Jamie Smith Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Oil on Canvas, 2012, 16" x 20", "I chose this painting so I could give it to my grandparents who love to feed and watch the deer that stroll through their yard" - Jamie Smith Studio Reflection This Year ... Beginning Vs. Now Grade 9 - Old Barn Grade 12 - Little Miracle My Works of Art Venice Buildings Graphite, 2009, 9" x 12", "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." - Winston Churchill Drooling Toddler Graphite, 2010, 9" x 12", "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso Peek -A-Boo Little Miracle Graphite, 2012, 9" x 12", "Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing." - Wayne Dyer As a whole, my artistic abilities and artwork has continued to improve over the course of four years. I am continuing to grow and flourish as an art student and discover new techniques and mediums along the way. The subjects of my work revolve around my interests and likes. Many involve a theme of nature such as plant and animal life, as well as people and faces. Since grade nine I have experimented with several different mediums such as: graphite sketching, oil and chalk pastel, clay, watercolour and oil painting, and ink. However, for both grade 11 and 12 I mainly focused on oil paintings along with graphite sketches. My art is influenced by my love of animals and the outdoors, as well as the interests of my family and friends who I am close to. I enjoy creating pieces of art for others that I know they will cherish and create and emotional bond with. Two of the artists who have inspired me are Bob Ross and J.D. Hillberry. I am fascinated by their ability to effortlessly recreate a scene or portrait and make it appear almost life like with their incredible eye for detail. Their work inspires me to further enhance my artistic abilities and continue with art as a hobby. One of my earliest works of art is the graphite sketch of an old barn. It is evident that this sketch was created during my beginning stages of growth as the background lacks a sense of unity with the building , and the trees are shaded poorly. Most of the barn and fence involves straight lines that were achieved using a ruler and measurement since I was unable to free hand very well at the time. It lacks fine detail that would make is stand out and appear more life like, demonstrating an early stage in development . One of my most recent pieces of artwork is this graphite sketch of a father's hands holding his newborn child. Compared to the old barn, this sketch involves a great amount of fine detail and free hand drawing. This piece demonstrates a great sense of depth and contrast through the use of darker shading on the hands and dark background that allows the lighter baby to standout. This sketch is far more developed and an advancement in artistic abilities is apparent. As a new, up and coming artist I strive to improve my artistic knowledge and abilities in order to achieve a sense of satisfaction with my work, and allow others to feel the connection to the artwork that I feel while creating it. I have learned to believe in my strengths and abilities and work hard to discover exactly who I am as an artist. I now realize that the word perfect doesn't exist in art and each artist has specific qualities and skills that make their style unique. I believe that art is an expression of emotion, imagination, and skill. It is a source of communication and connection between the artist and viewer. The artist is responsible for the interpretation of their artwork and the message that they want to relay. After completing my four year education into the world of art, I will continue to develop my artistic knowledge and skills by creating art as an enjoyable pass time. Artist Statement The first oil painting that I completed this year, "Peek - A - Boo", was of a doe poking her head around a tree with fall leaves and colours in the background. It is through this painting that I first learned the technique of using a fan brush to create realistic textures and highlights in order to make fur. I also enhanced my palette knife skills while making the bark on the trees. With this painting I achieved my goal of creating a deer that looked as life like as possible. The techniques that I learned while completing this painting proved very useful and beneficial during the painting of my most recent oil, "Cat Closeup". Similar to the deer painting, this latest painting of a close up of a cat's face involves very detailed fur. I was able to use my previous knowledge in order to layer the different shades to create realistic fur with high lights and low lights. With this painting I also achieved my goal of making the eyes and nose as close to the visual as I was able to and ensure that the fur looked as real as possible. As an artist this year I have achieved each goal that I have set up for myself, and little by little have shown progress and growth. I take pride in my abilities and realize that my work may not be perfect, but it is uniquely mine and that is what makes a difference. I will continue my passion for art and strive to keep improving.
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