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3.3 Finding a balance

Gerunds and infinitives: changes in meanings, sugestions on how to enjoy life more( i like to play- like playing)

Go English Live

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of 3.3 Finding a balance

Finding a balance
How do I know if I want to use the infinitive or gerund form?
Things that can help you enjoy life more...
Go walking
Let´s practice!
Say if the verb in the sentence is in gerund or infinitive form
I don´t enjoy swimming as much as tanning
Gerund or infinitive?
Do you enjoy your life?
Let´s take a little quiz!
Which of these activities do you enjoy the most?
a. Swimming b. Reading c. Sleeping
How many countries have you visited?
a. 3 or more b. 2-3 c. Only my own
How many times a day do you smile or laugh?
a. Too many times b. Sometimes c. Rarely
How often do you loose track of time?
a. All the time b. Sometimes c. Never
If you answered mostly As you are definitely enjoying life!
- Verbal form that ends in ¨ing¨
It can be used as a subject
Sleep - Sleeping
Sleeping is very important when you work the night shift
It can be used as the complement
My favorite part of the day is sleeping
I love sleeping
It can be used at the object
Verb form that it´s not conjugated
Always uses ¨To¨
Sing - To Sing
It can be used as a subject
To sing you must train your voice
It can be used as a complement
I am a music teacher but I don´t know how to sing
It can be used as an object
I want to learn how to sing
I always like to read at night
She loves playing soccer
We go to sleep at 9:00 pm
Practicing is very important when you are a musician
You can use one or the other but not both!
Sometimes using one or the other depends on what you want to say because the meaning changes...
My father stopped smoking last year
He stopped walking to smoke a cigarette
Stopped another action to smoke
But don´t worry we will look further into this in our next class
So let´s recap so far...
To + base verb
To + play - To play
To + jump - To jump
Base verb + ing
Play - playing
Jump- jumping
Sometimes we have to add or remove letters
Put- Putting
Sometimes we have to add or remove letters
Prepare- preparing
Learn how to disconnect
Engage in hobbies
Appreciate nature
Keep a gratitude journal
Smile and laugh as much as you can
The end
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