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Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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Humzah Sarwar

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Question one -In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? This screen shot shows
a prop being used we us-
ed an iPhone. We used a
close up shot for this to
show that there is someone
actually calling.
A close up shot of a
hand opening the
door, we used this
shot so it gave our
opening sequence
a more continuous
effect This our production label
we put an effect on
whole picture to make it sttand out a little bit
more. Our logo was right at the start of our opening sequence We put our title in the middle
of the screen in big, bold letters
to show importance of the title.
We chose the colour red to show
dange For this shot we used the
night shot mode on the
camera, we used a medium-longshot to show a focused point which was the person standing and then a background shot was also included. This shot we chose purposely for it to be done in the dark. We left enough light just so we could see an outline of the person. We chose to do a close up shot here, to capture all suspense and the emotion in the face. We also used light on one side of the face so we had the 2 face look where one side of the face is left in a shadow. We chose the lighting very
carefully once again to ensure
we had a half face effect. We
made sure that we kept the
names near the middle of the
screen, not to far from the middle
and not too clos to the edges.
The colour red coloured font was
used throughout to show continuity
and red represents danger. Here we used a dolly shot to show the person in front from a first person point of view. This shows importance of the person being led that they have to be escorted to places. The colours black and white were used, these colours go really well with eachother as they are serious but simple. The medium shot of the Don, has in the background a person pulling his chair out for him. This shows the importance of the main character. This shot here is showing the 180 degree rule. It shows the importance of the Don, he his showing status by pointing his finger, the shot also shows the height difference of the Don and the person he is speaking to. Once again the black and white colours both go in contrast together. The puppet used ontop of the font shows an area of control. These two shots show the characters name and what he looks like this makes the audience aware of who is playing what role in the film.
The medium-close up shot emphasises on the emotion on Al Pacino's face. This shows the distribution company logo. This makes the viewer aware of who distributed the film. This shot is a medium- close up here a match on action shot is being used as the camera is over one persons shoulder showing the other characters face. Similarities The main story line's are the same, both films include gangsters. Somebody is always betrayed in gangster films. In our film it was Rico, in the Godfather it was Don Corleone, when he was meant to be assasinated however he survived. Alot of closup shots are used in the Godfather to show the emphasis on the characters face. We used a close up shot with my own face right at the end of the opening sequence. Medium shots were also very common in both films. Differences One major difference is the colour of the text, in The Godfather the text is white, in Betrayal 1989 the colour is red. The setting is different because The Godfather is in America and our opening sequence is in London. In The Godfather, the main stroyline is around a family, everyone is connected to eachother. In Betrayal 1989 the music is more upbeat than the one in Godfather. Conclusion Our opening sequence left the audience in suspense. We used a range of different camera shots to create a continuous effect. We used a variety of camera shots to make the audience feel as if they were actually in the film, this created a tense atmosphere indulging the audience and consuming them into a zone where they feel as if they are part of the film. In The Godfather the props used were very predictable everyone in the same families had the same cars, they were predictable becuase a majority of gangster films have the same props. Also, clothing is very similar with both films suits were worn by myself in our film and in Godfather the mojority of characters wore smart clothing to create a high status look. The lighting in our film was very dark most of the time.
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