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Larry Stylinson

No description

Taylor Ganzer

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson
Liam outing Larry
Fond Staring
Harry and Louis are often caught staring fondly. The way they look at each other is of pure love. It's not the way friends gaze at each other.
Singing outings
"I'm in love with Lou, and all his little things." - Harry
THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME HARRY IS LOOKING AT LOUIS... "...all his little things..."
Harry outing Larry
Outings by others
Harry uploaded this picture to his personal twitter with the caption "Sweet Dreams"
Grimmy outing Larry
Ed Sheeran outing Larry
Let's compare Larry and Elounor now, shall we?
This is what's called a "stage kiss." It's not real.
Now for some photoshopped pictures of the "happy couple"
This is posted on Elounors personal twitter...wow.
...some more...
These are posted on Eleanor's instagram
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