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The Road Ahead

4LFS1016 Introduction to Sport Development

Julia Ladbrooke

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of The Road Ahead

Understanding Participation

Progress Test
An in class progress test comprising 40 questions.
UH Week 17

Written Assignment
The assignment will appraise sport development policy and its ability to influence sports development in practice. 1500 words.
UH Week 25

A group presentation (min. 4 and max. of 5 students) that should appraise a sports development project in action.
UH Week 39

Introduction to Sport Development
The Road Ahead

Welcome to....
4LFS1016 Introduction to Sport Development

Semester A:
9.00am - 10.00am Tuesday Room LF233
11.00am - 1.00pm Thursday Room LF233
(view your timetable)

All module resources can be found on the studynet page along with reading tasks and lecture resources (prezi)

Additional useful information and opportunities will also be added here.
What can YOU bring to the table?
Post War to Modern Sport Development
The Governments directive
Sport Development Delivery
Sport and Social Inclusion
Sport for Sport?

Sport for.......?
facility, funding, elite, community, health, inclusion, marketing, coach, participation, event
Compulsory reading for next week

The Central Council of Physical Recreation (1960) Sport and the Community: The Report of the Wolfenden Committee on Sport. London: CCPR

The Gap

Available on Studynet under teaching resources
The module guide details the recommended sources to help with your studies
You may wish to purchase:
Hylton, K (2013) Sport Development: Policy,process and practice, 3rd ed. Routledge: Leeds

which will be useful for the remainder of your development studies

Required reading will be set each week in preparation for the following week - fail to read at your own peril!
Towards an active nation
National Governing Body (NGB)
County Sports Partnership (CSP)
Local Authority (LA)
Private Sector
Government led
Lottery Funded
Education HE/FE/SSP)
Policy Documents are saved for you within the studynet site.
This session will continue on Thursday
What are the key differences between sport within these settings?
Elite, Community and School
Julia Robathan
Module Leader

Office - opposite Media building, College Lane, Room 1C104

BSc Sport Development and MA Sport Development
PhASE development officer
University of Gloucestershire

Community Facility Manager
Football Development Officer
Female Talent Pathway Manager
Bedfordshire FA

Referee tutor
RA-FA Council Vice Chairperson 2012-14
The FA

Coach, committee member and welfare officer
AFC Dunstable Community Club
Module Aims
What do you think constitutes 'sports development'
Sports development can be viewed as a form of social intervention comprising sets of principles, processes and practices that seek to provide opportunities designed to motivate and encourage people to take part in sport and physical activity at all levels of ability, through all stages of the life cycle, for a variety of personal and societal rationales.
(Hylton and Bramham, 2008)
A combination of policy (vision for an end state), process of social change (benefits) and delivery (practicalities). (Girginov, 2009)

'Sports Development' is a contested and ambiguous term.

DCMS (2015) Sporting Future: a new strategy for an active nation.
The true spirit of sport? summer 2016
What other attributes of sport should we appreciate?
• Study the nature, scope, structure, historical evolution of and the policy context for sports development
• Examine sports development programmes in education, community and elite sport settings
• Recognise the importance of strategic planning and effective leadership in sports development to promote employee commitment, motivation and empowerment
• Appreciate the value of equality and diversity in sports development practice
• Understand the importance of key health and safety legislation, including issues such as risk assessment and safeguarding, to sports development
• Develop an appreciation of reflective practice and the importance of continuing professional development for sports development professionals

What are your best moments of our summer of sport?
Lines are 'blurred' and difficult to define against activities that are closely related (Houlihan and White, 2002)

Where does sport end and physical activity begin? eg. Does setting up a walking club count as sports development?
Studynet and Prezi
Access to studynet, any problems contact the course administrator.
Please see attached on studynet the new strategy: Towards an Active Nation which should form the focus of your preparation for the remainder of the Introduction to this module. Ensure you have made notes and have a good understanding of the focus of the document prior to week 11.
Using the SE document TAAN, Key Notes from students: what is SEs focus?
The lead for this Sport England document is taken from the governments latest sports development strategy:
DCMS (2015) Sporting Future: a new strategy an active nation.

'We are focused on the wider benefits of sports participation and are five focus points for this are:'
physical wellbeing
mental wellbeing
individual development
social and community development
economic development
(Sport England, 2016)

FIT Villages in action!
Tackling inactivity
Children and young people
Volunteering (dual)
mass market
supporting the core market
local delivery
'local delivery'
CCPR (1960) Sport and the Community: The report of the Wolfenden Committee on sport 1960. London: CCPR

DCMS (2015) Sporting Future: a new strategy for an active nation. London

Sport England (2016) Towards an active nation, strategy 2016-2021. London
1960 - 2016
ROT - Rio 2016
UK Sport for jobs
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