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T4W across the curriculum

No description

nicola darling

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of T4W across the curriculum

across the curriculum...
Talk for Writing
A quick warm up!
Where are we at?
T4W across the curriculum
Time to work together...
Things we can do...
Things to do...
Any questions?
What are the sentence types?
Are there any areas you would like to work on?
Imitation, Innovation, Invention... What next?
Develop 'Tool Kit' pages in our writing journals.
How can we use the children's non-fiction writing across the curriculum?
Use a non-fiction style you have already worked on this year in next half term's topic work.

Bring out the tool kit/success criteria to support.

Consider how you will develop 'Tool Kits' to support non-fiction writing across the curriculum from September.

You may want to start trialling your ideas over the rest of this term!
'ing' game
How is T4W working in your class?
What genres have you used?
What has gone well?
Independent application across the curriculum...

We create 'Tool Kits' while learning non-fiction style so now we need to use these to support across the curriculum.
Keep collection of 'Tool Kits'/'Writing Secrets' available to be pulled out and used to support writing in other subjects.
Create a 'Tool Kit'/'Success Criteria' page on class blogs so that children can access easily throughout the year whenever necessary.
Use Show Me App to develop visual/audio 'Tool Kits' so children can explain genres.
What kind of writing could they do in our topic work?
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