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Communication Technology In The Future

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Kimberley Odewole

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Communication Technology In The Future

What is Communication ? Communication is talking and socializing with others it involves expressing our feelings to others. Communicating is one of the things we do every day. Communication is the KEY to understanding. Nokia Scentsory phone Nokia has designed a phone called the Scentsory that will be available in the future. The phone will be able to respond to all of our senses other than sound and touch, which is truly extraordinary . It allows us to proceed in discovering fascinating ways to communicate. Environmental Friendly Phone! The Environmental Friendly phone was designed so that people will become more green in the future. The phone will collect useful information on how much gas and electricity you frequently use and what type of products you buy, also how you dispose of it.
Every time you do something environmentally friendly, it rewards you with free calls and texts. How will Communication Change in the future? COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN THE
FUTURE Technology will be incorporated with things like jewellery so it would be easier to wear it on you rather than carrying it around like a normal phone. It was suggested that a beaded bracelet should be created: in each bead you will be able to call a person you want to talk to. Instead of exchanging numbers you would exchange beads and you could string it on your bracelet. To make a call you would squeeze the bead, it will then begin to glow and vibrate. What New Devices will we see in the future ? Scientists say that in 2016 holographic phones will be released. 'Jewellery that makes calls?!' Communication in the Future will change because today people use mobile phones to call people, simply by dialing with a touchscreen phone or a key pad. Thank you for watching my presentation, I hope you have enjoyed learning about communication technology in the future. Fold it and go... In my opinion, I think this phone is very convenient because it allows you to listen to conceptual music and also bend or fold the phone, which is very amusing. But the question is, "Is it really necessary?"... People can also use Social Media sites such as; Facebook and Twitter to communicate, also emails and the internet. But in the future phones and other devices will be taken to a whole new level as new intelligent ways to communicate will be created ... Here are some useful links for more info on Communication Technology In The Future : http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/everyday-tech/future-of-communication1.htm http://itechfuture.com/ http://www.futuretimeline.net/23rdcentury/2200-2249.htm
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