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In-store Observation

No description

Karissa Kuhle

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of In-store Observation

Caitlyn DeWitte
Karissa Kuhle In-store Observation Our Research In-store observation of
paint displays
store layout

Observed in
Do-It Center

Watertown Lowes Valspar Display The Good
Lots of helpful brochures
Nice sized swatches
Consumer top pick colors Lowes: Valspar
See your color in a different light The Good:

The Bad
Could explain the light settings better Lowes: Valspar Sample Display The Good:
Next to swatches
Easy to find
Under $3
Largest samples Watertown Wal-Mart:
Better Homes & Gardens Display The Bad
A display this large may be overwhelming to some DIY consumers The Bad:
Not well stocked
Limited colors The Good:
Paint swatches size
Sheen guide by paint to explain differences
Editor’s Choice Favorites help consumers know popular and well liked paints from a creditable source
Sample paints of Editor’s Choice Favorites directly under the color swatches The Bad:
Dated logo
Boring and uninspiring paint brochures
How paint samples are displayed makes it harder to notice Brookings Walmart:
Glidden Brilliance Collection The Good:
Color selection
Helpful brochures
Paint samples are with swatches The Bad:
Lacking innovation
Not interactive Do-It Center:
Benjamin Moore Display The Good:
Fresh Logo
Color collections
Brochure Placement The Bad:
Paint swatch size is small
Brochures are not in corresponding areas Menards:
Paint Quality Display The Good:
Compare paint brands
Easy to distinguish different brands
Easy to follow break down of paint types The Bad:
Visually unpleasing
Size of text is small and hard to read in comparison to the size of the paint they have on display
No sources Menards: Pittsburgh Paints Grand Distinction Ultimate Style Collection Display The Good
Virtual elements
Easy directions
Minimal questions
Able to pick their style The Bad:
May not be reliable source
Hard to see the paint color on a virtual screen Do-It Center:
Benjamin Moore Sample Display The Good:
Sample variety
Color guide
Store location The Bad:
Small samples
Boring display
Sample colors may not be accurate The End Objectives Learn about effective in-store paint displays
Uncover what brands are effectively displaying their paint
Investigate the differences, both good and bad, of Walmart and competitors
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