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STORYTELLING and UX: Power UP your Brand/Product/Portfolio

40 min presentation: Exploring Story-based sites, Social Sites, Games, Brand + Engagement Techniques to Rock your product/brand/portfolio

Juliana Loh

on 7 August 2018

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Transcript of STORYTELLING and UX: Power UP your Brand/Product/Portfolio

Stories we go!
Games + Social Interactivity
The proliferation and popularity of casual game and dating sites have unleashed
efforts. We are in a digital environment characterized by
unlock features, leaderboards
'special prizes'
Creative meets Engagement
Social Media
Stories = power to
influence, persuade,
describe, explain +
change the world.

Uncover interactivity/engagement techniques from the related interactive models.

BE an entrepreneur!


*Be your own FILM Director*
Create a video for yourself doing what you love or demo how you approach UX problems. ex. personas, scenerios, journey maps, emotion maps, processes etc.

2. Engage your users on at least ONE platform.

2. Share your knowledge of social media. If you are an experience designer, it is important to know where your audience congregates. Get to know them!
Narrative Projects
and Critical Thinking
Values sits one level on top of 'Needs' and drives high level motivation.
Are brands learning from Games and social interactive mechanisms? YOU BETCHA!
1. Volkswagon of America won the 2014 ux awards. They created
a site that employed analogous dating mechanics.
Various STORY-creation Platforms
There is no one 'perfect' tool to choose. Engagement with your audience takes a lot of hard work, commitment and time.

coming out
and have a
"People don't buy WHAT you do
they buy WHY you do it"
- Steve Sinek
| splashmango@gmail.com | http://www.julianaloh.ca |
mobile ready + accessibility + lower cost of data plans + trend toward larger smartphones + accessibility on global scale

Engagement Strategy: Choose 3 platforms that is
relevant to your project. Consider who your users.
- Onestory
- Cowbird
- Medium
- Sway (microsoft)
- Wattpad
- Conducttr
- Comicbook (app)

Content Curation:
Scoop-it and Paper.li
Feedly, Storify
Facebook, twitter
Instagram, Vine
Youtube, Vimeo
Pinterest, Tumblr
Periscope (live action)
Meerkat (Live action)
What's App
Online Portfolios:
3rd Party Sources:
Dribbble + Behance
Heart of the Arctic
The Last Hunt
Here, Augmented Reality is used to liven up the displays at the Royal Ontario Museum.

"AR or augmented reality is moving mainstream, even bringing museum dinosaurs to life."

Gaza & Sderot
The middle east war told through the perspective of people living on both sides on a shared timeline. (
Note: Observe from an interactive POV
Lizzy Bennet Diaries: twitter, tumblr + vlog (web series)
"Check out The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on IMDB. The complete series is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play! And don’t forget about our new book!"
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is the groundbreaking multiplatform adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It became the first YouTube series to win a Primetime Emmy, receiving the 2013 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media-Original Interactive Program.
The series recognizes a huge
Pride & Prejudice
following. They tapped into this niche to help to create engagement momentum.
Story Hooks
What is a hook?

-interesting/quirky characters whom we can relate to. (include both strengths + weaknesses)

-emotional arcs force us to go on 'empathy journeys'

-surprises (humor?)

- contrasting POV's

- technology

- themes ( niche markets )
That 'element(s)' in your story that grabs our attention
Skip the HARD SELL
Brands use "values" to sell their products. It's all about 'perception'.
“Design and marketing aren't just as important as engineering: they are way more important.”
is KEY.
Employers are
looking for what makes
products/candidates unique

May 20 2015: UX Design Therapy Meetup
Presented by:
Juliana Loh

Why do we engage?

-recognize 'our tribe' (niche)
- social chit chat
- looking for VALUE
- curiosity? - r u authentic?
- look for recommendations
-want to find out where the
ACTION is. ( in the 'know')
We don't trust WORDS
or promises.

We remember
how brands or people make us feel. = loyalty + integrity
3. Lush UK also won the 2014 ux awards. They used the element of surprise/exclusivity to focus attention on their products. They added an area that sells new 'bath recipes' available ONLY online.

In both UX or classical
storytelling, you, your users or your
product is the hero of your story.
Let the story serve YOU.
microsensors, VR, mobile, robots,
3d printers, driverless cars, AR, games
ARG's, branded content ,
internet of things etc.
-Dave McClure, founder of 500 Startups
Kim Kardashian Game
Your goal is to make it to A-lister level.
$200 million hit APP!
Dating Sites - social mechanisms

Virtual Pets create
stories based on your decisions. You co-create the story with your 'live' creature.
Coke = Happiness brand
2. SAP's new online design adds the fun and friendly style of simple friendly cartoons with easy to understand charts/graphs.

As of late 2014, Tinder's app has been estimated 50 million people using the app every month with an average of 12 million matches per day.
Role-playing Games, Real Time Strategies and First Person Shooters all use different mechanisms that immerse you into the story world. Immersion forces the player to make choices in a self-directed self-contained environment. We will Identify + discuss in-presentation
The power of Imagination + make the world a better place
Find your
sweet spot
and focus on your processes / your product.
Employers want well-rounded interesting candidates
Take note of people's
reactions especially how
the emotional arc is created

How is the camera used to film "reactions"?

How do reactions help us to empathize and highlight your product? (Divide into storyboard frames)
"Experimental" storytelling stretches how you
can use interactive principles to tell a story.
Which 'experience' is more compelling to you? Why?
How does the actual interaction make you feel? Think interactive 'elements'
Consistent values + good knowledge of audience ex.

Brand Company's values working at odds with their audience ex.
Abercrombie & Fitch
They have since made a great turn around
Storytelling + UX = Power-up your brand/portfolio
It can be challenging to explain exactly what YOU do or HOW you do it.
Exploring Story-based sites, Social & Games, Brand + Engagement Techniques
Co-creator/organizer of UX Design Therapy Meetup
Juliana has worked in the interactive field moving from concept design to branding, casual games and teaching. She enjoys 'guerilla' style filming/journalism and of course UX!
Once upon a time...
People are looking for meaning, connection and

"how does what you do or sell relate to me or meet my needs?"
As a designer, you've already been using 'storytelling' techniques to describe personas, scenerios, journey maps and customer experiences.
Consider which audience is targeted and how:
Story, characters, games, puzzles, collections
How is contrast and contradiction used to immerse you into the story? Are you able to relate to the characters? Why/Why not? Are there areas of 'opportunity'? yes/no
Game dynamics = uses social media 'techniques' such as employing twitter friends to encourage engagement. Psychological mechanism? 'exclusivity'
Matching Techniques used in interactive dating sites
have been used by UX designers to sell their own brands. A great tool to contrast and compare.
Click to view in BIG
Be Original
Tinder, Match, OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish
storytelling at its best
- story told across
various platforms
creates 'story-series' branded content which is fast becoming popular in a world of video/story 'binging'. (aka netflix) People are becoming accustomed to consuming in 'content chunks'.
What makes your brand unique?
Great use of Cross Platform Marketing
Special thanks to the folks at @thenetworkhub for sponsoring our event

Breaking down
the 'fourth wall'.
Vlogs & bloggers draw you in by speaking directly at you thus intimately inviting
you to be a part of the 'act'.
But what else is out there?
How do other genres 'tell their stories' and engage others? Can we learn from other styles?
Story Platforms:
- Etsy
- Gumroad
- ArtWeb
- Amazon
- Unbound
and remember...
overwhelming !!!
Statistics are very different in places like India/China where smartphone usage is affected by data costs, global access etc.

Example courtesy of Dethe Elza
Example of a Dating site prank by
Awkward Tinder
A demo of the game featuring LD Shadowlady |
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