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Creating a Seamless Day for Students:

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Stefanie Eldred

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Seamless Day for Students:

Bearing the Fruit of a Seamless Day
Creating a Seamless Day for Students: Strategies for After School/School Day Alignment
Watered by Intentionality
Capacity Building at the Core
Make the Case
for Coherence
Informally and often - verbal check-ins
Formally once a year - survey, assessment of student data
Create Opportunities
for Collaboration
Rooted by Relationship
Make time to get to know each other
Everyone comes with gifts
Trust is key
Assume best intent
Supported by Shared Leadership
After School as Supportive of:
Family Engagement
School Climate
Get the right stakeholders around the table
Get on the same page
Make a plan and stick to it!
View ASP Staff as Student Teachers
Provide access to all staff professional development
Prioritize staff stability (culture and wages)
Students are known and supported morning until night
School climate and ASP climate improve
Families feel connected
Instructional practice improves (in ASP and school day)
Students succeed academically
Administrators + Site Director + CS Coordinator
Call out your accomplishments
Appreciate each other
Have fun together - in school and out!
Cross program staffing
Grade level leads
Ongoing PD
School advisory bodies
Administration + ASP Director + CS Coordinator

Stefanie Eldred, Hillcrest Community School Coordinator, SFUSD
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