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Carolina Leal

on 11 July 2015

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Transcript of Teensource.org

It 's Happening All Around The World, It's A Must For Everyone To Know !
Be Who You Want To Be, Like Who You Want To Like
No matter what age you are and if you're sexually active, you can be exposed to STDs.
Sexual Transmitted Diseases
Youre Not Alone ..
No matter if you have been involved in intercourse or not, you are not alone and there others around the world just like you !
Less than 47% have had intercourse
Don't let this percentage fool you, and make you feel like rushing ! Know yourself to determine if you're ready or not .
"Yes" and "No"
The only way for having sex should be if there is a "yes" from both individuals . It's okay to say "no" , its your body and you have the right to not be forced to do something you don't want to.
Sexual Orientation
Not everyone likes the same things , and the same applies that all people won't be attracted to the same gender.
But Continue To Stay On The Safe Side
No matter what you're attracted to, beware because sexual transmitted diseases are still out there!
Relationships aren't always easy since they require two individuals with similarities and differences, but together it can work.
Identify it , and don't deny it
Although we may be in a relationship with someone who means alot, they're not always safe and it may be better if they are left.
Dating Abuse Isn't For You:
Pushing,hitting,spitting, and other unwanted physical contact
negative comments
Reproductive coercion:
male partner wanting female partner pregnant, which results in hiding barrier methods
Digital Abuse:
partner controlling of social media
Financial Abuse:
partner controlling money without permission
The best way to avoid STDs is by not being sexually active or staying protected.
Free condoms and STD testings are provided at nearby clinics that can be found at:
It is
too late to get STD tested . Better safe than sorry !
Birth Control
There is several kinds of birth controls, and it is important to find one that best fits you and your needs.
Each birth control is different such that not all protect against STDs. However, they are effective when it comes to pregnancy prevention!
Long Term:
99 % effective and last for several years
( Iuds, Implant )
make sure no egg is released from ovary , don't protect against STDs
( the pill, the shot, the ring, the patch)
stop sperm from reaching egg when having intercourse
( male/female condoms, diaphragm, sponges, spermicides, and cervical cap)
Don't Ignore , Stay Informed!
Just like some of us may be going through these situations together , it's important to stay informed together as well.
No Need To Feel Stuck , The HookUp Will Keep You On A Look Out :
for weekly tips you won't want to miss !
Find out more only at :
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