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Hyphen and Ellipsis

No description

Kelsey Chaykowski

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Hyphen and Ellipsis

And Ellipses Ellipsis The ellipsis consists of three evenly spaced dots (periods) with spaces between the ellipses and surrounding letters or other marks. ... Uses of an Ellipsis Used to omit words in quoted material

ex) The ceremony honored three brilliant athletes from France who were visiting the U.S.

The ceremony honored three brilliant athletes . . . visiting the U.S.

* omit "from France who were" Uses of an Ellipsis Used to show a pause in the flow of a sentence

ex) The students thought and though . . . and then thought some more.

"I've been pondering . . . " Julia said. Reminder When using an ellipsis after the end of a sentence, it will be placed after the period, making a total of four dots.
*NO SPACE between the period and last letter of the sentence

ex) Julia went to the park where she would meet her best friend Sara. . . . Reminder When quoting information from a text, use brackets on either side of the ellipses to distinguish from those that were originally there.

ex) Nancy said, " She [. . .] wanted some birthday cake too" (57).

ex) "[. . .] we might have been able to flee . . . But by the time we succeeded in opening the window, it was too late" (Wiesel 14). Use hyphens with the prefixes ex-, self-, all-, re-, mid-, and many others. Ex)self-confidence
ex-wife Use a hyphen between a prefix and a capitalized word Ex) anti-American Use hyphens with compound numbers and spelled out fractions. Ex) Twenty-one
two-thirds Also, use hyphens to separate words at the end of a line. Always divide words by their syllables. Never leave individual letters at the beginning or end of a line. Ex) Separate like this:
Don't separate like this:
espected In addition, don't separate words that are already hyphenated. Ex) Separate like this:

Not like this:
ll-respected Also, if a word ends in -ing, divide the word at the suffix. Ex) driv-
ing However, if the last letter in the root word is doubled before the -ing, then place the hyphen between the repeated letters. Ex) run-
ging Practice time!!! What is wrong with the ellipsis in the sentence?

1. The man looked above [. . .] and all he could see were three birds. Practice time continued ... 4. An evil witch, a scarecrow, flying monkeys, a cowardly lion, and disturbing Munchkins ... Dorothy couldn't help but wonder if, in the wonderful Land of Oz, Toto would be there. Who Cares? 1. Ellipses are used to sufficiently quote material and make the information less wordy.
2. An ellipsis can also be used as a cliffhanger helping to create an atmosphere of suspension, leaving the reader wanting more.
3. Additionally ellipses are used to create pauses when someone is speaking.
4. They can be used to show someone thinking. Use a hyphen to join two or more words serving as a single adjective before a noun. Use a hyphen to avoid confusion or an awkward combination of letters. Examples:
resign vs. re-sign


semi-invalid Examples:
Their long-anticipated visit had finally come.
Their visit was long anticipated.

The man in a hurry was right handed.
The right-handed man was in a hurry. These two-worded, hyphenated adjectives are called compound adjectives Ex) badly-punctuated
low-budget Why do we care? Hyphen Practice! Is there a hyphen? If so, where?
1) Her dad is fifty five years old. More Hyphen Practice! How do you break up the word if it was at the end of a line?
1) The athlete was panting
after going on a run. 2) Jamie's sister in law is twenty one years old. 3) The dog was very well trained. 4) The all inclusive cruise was fun. 2) All students used resources
to gain information Her dad is fifty-five years old. No change!
The dog was very well trained. Jamie's sister-in-law is twenty-one years old. The all-inclusive cruise was fun. All students used re-
sources to gain information.
The athlete was pant-
ing after going on a run. 2. Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg address, said, “our fathers brought forth . . . a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that ‘all men are created equal.'"

3. On the flip side, families sometimes feel that staff aren’t sufficiently caring . . . .
5. Heather went to the store. . .She bought milk and cookies. Not quoted material, doesn't need brackets There should be spaces between each dot There should be brackets, it is quoted material There shouldn't be a space between caring and the period There should be spaces between the ellipsis and the surrounding words
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