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Dwight Howard

No description

Kim Sarrell

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Dwight Howard

A Legend was Born
1985- Dwight Howard was born.
Born in Swainsboro Atlanta, Georgia, Dwight was raised by his mom, Sheryl and his dad, Dwight sr.
NBA draft
Basketball Terms
Rebound- A rebound is when a player catches the ball after has been shot off the basket.
Dwight on the court
All of Dwight's team mates loved him for his jokes the court.

Dwight was playing good, but his whole team wasn't, making him a contender in the trades.
Giving Back
The D12 foundation was made to give back to his community.

Dwight D. Howard Foundation- helps educate children around the world.

He donated money to Haiti after a deadly hurricane.
First Starting Basketball
1998- Started playing for his school in 7th grade.
2000- Played for his high school.
Rookie year- 12 points 10 rebounds.
Dwight Howard
Breaking Records
Difference in Years of scores
Because Dwight wanted to go to the NBA, he had to join his high school team.
Dwight had averaged 10 rebounds a game, not bad for a rookie.
Dwight wanted to go to Orlando because it would be the best way for him to get first round pick.

Dwight got first round pick to the Orlando Magic because Orlando needed an offensive re bounder.

3rd year in the NBA- 17 points 12 rebounds
November 15, 2005- The youngest player to score more than 20 rebounds and points in the same game.
End Of The Season Game - 28 points and 26 rebounds.

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