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Welcome to Mrs. Adamczyk's Class

No description

jessie adamczyk

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Mrs. Adamczyk's Class

On the walls around you, you will see what?

What are going to be my procedures for:

--What are my main rules?
--Handing back papers
--Absent work?
--Nameless papers?
--What is the Wall of Greatness?
What's on the walls?
About Respect
What does it mean to respect someone?
What's an Adamczyk Pass?
These are awards you can get for being good in my class. There are a variety of awards you can get. Try to get them all.
What's the student center?
Student center is a place that you can get paper, pencils, and it is where you will turn in all assignments. (How do we turn in assignments again?)

Welcome to Mrs. Adamczyk's Class

And speaking of things in the room....
Also, since we're on the subject....
When is the right time to sharpen your pencil?
There are two trashcans in this room. Does my room look like a basketball gym?
Ways to respect each other in my class....
Refrain from using make-up in my class. keep those make-up secrets to yourselves, ladies!
Don't chew gum (unless you have an Adamczyk Pass)
Don't listen to headphones (unless you have an Adamczyk pass)
Sit in your seat everyday. This is not optional. (unless you have an Adamczyk pass)
Don't eat in my class (unless you have an Adamczyk pass)
Random other things we must discuss...
20-20 rule
Fire Drills

E-Class (let's go!)
When is the right time to get materials?
-Composition book
-1/2 inch binder
-pens and pencils
What do you need for my class?
And speaking of things in the room....
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