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Financial Markets. How crucial they are to your life.

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Horacio Coutiño

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Financial Markets. How crucial they are to your life.

.. and how crucial they are to our lives. Financial markets. Today. Interest rates Equity Markets Risk and Expectations Value of a Company As of October 17, 2012 - Treasury yields are at historic lows. Market confidence has fully recovered since the '08 crisis. What inspires investors to act?
The price can be indicative of market expectations.
Different asset classes are often traded between market participants. Analysts assess the value of a company based, not only on the balance sheet, but also on value drivers and .. Context Treasury Yields are determined by the mechanisms provided in the market. A medium that allows buyers and sellers of a specific good or service to interact in order to facilitate an exchange. What is the definition of Market? Treasury Yields reflect the sentiment of the market regarding the underlying asset: Treasury Bills. The yields on sovereign debt reflect the perceived inherent risk in the country's public debt Why hasn't it translated into job creation? U.S. Equity markets are near historic highs. The effect on Main Street Provides efficiency to the generation of value in various sectors of the economy.
Enables the flow of capital and credit allocation
U.S. Equity markets are transparent, reliable and competitive. Bonds & Equities Present Value of Future Profits Performance Google 9.03 vs 10.65 (expected) EPS Yesterday: Human Element
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