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Lessons to Live By: Promoting College Students' Success: A Guide for Parents

No description

Rose Cooper

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Lessons to Live By: Promoting College Students' Success: A Guide for Parents

Lessons to Live By: Promoting College Students' Success:
A Guide for Parents
Lesson 1:
Don't wait until the night before
send-off to talk about important things!
Healthy Habits
Alcohol and Drugs
What to take
What to leave home
How to decorate the dorm room
Lesson 2:
Help them prepare, but let
them make (most of) the
decisions about:
Lesson 3:
Clarify Boundaries
The meaning of
How long should you stay
on move-in day?
What happens on college breaks?
Lesson 4:
Let them fail . . . and
succeed . . . on their own.
It is their journey!
Resist the urge to swoop in
and rescue them.
Don't get involved in roommate disputes.
DO NOT intervene with faculty. Ever.
Let their mistakes be learning opportunities.
Give advice,
but only when they ask for it.
Applaud and celebrate their successes.
Sympathize with their failures.
Lesson 5:
Be their coach or cheerleader, but let them own their experience.
A few more things worth mentioning . . .
Understand FERPA.
Keep a list of important phone numbers handy, just in case.
Allow your student the chance and space to learn and grow.
And now, a bit of humor
to lighten the mood . . .
And finally, two
last thoughts . . .
. . . let them know you miss them - SEND CARE PACKAGES . . .
and know that they'll be missing you too!
Rose Cooper
Monmouth University
Fall 2012
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