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Annexation of Texas/Border Dispute

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Julissa Moreno

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Annexation of Texas/Border Dispute

Annexation of Texas/Border Dispute President John Tyler signed a resolution annexing the Republic of Texas on March 1, 1845 after facing obstacles such as slavery and debt. But it wasn’t that easy for a while after signing,
here were arguments on where the border
should be, southern and western. Texas and the United States wanted the border to be the Rio Grande and Mexico wanted it to be the Nueces river. Troops from both countries guarded the two rivers. Texas wanted its western border to go through present day Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico while
other states like New Mexico
did not want to be a part
of Texas even when
Mirabeau B. Lamar was
president and wanted to
get more land. Eventually all the dispute of where the border should be led up to the Mexican War which lasted from 1846-1848. Manifest Destiny
The United States wanted to have the entire North American. Hemisphere as their own. This happened in the 1840’s. It started with the Texas Annexation which eventually led to the Mexican-American war and the great land cession. The addition of the new territories later on became states and reopened the expansion of slavery debate. THE END
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