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ABC Book On the Giver

No description

Marcus Durazo

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of ABC Book On the Giver

ABC Book On the Giver

Home, home is where you have fun play arround but in this story its more seriouse. Near the end of thenbook jonas runs away from his society because his brother gabriel isngetting released and to prvent that he runs away from home
Illustration, the illustration in this book is very unique. The author uses different syyles of writing when it comes to the characters.
Jonas, He is the main character of the story. Later int eh story he becomes the most important character and he stands out from all of the other people in his community.
Killing people from release, people in the community when they apply for release they get killed with a needle with poison in it and they get sent down a chute.
Love dosent mean anything, Love in this story dosent exist. Jonas said to his parents, "Do you love me." and they didnt say yes because they said to ude the right pronouncement like appretiate.
Memories, each time someone gets a memory it gets passed on to the new reciever of memory. the first reciever of memory was probably told on from many people many memories and passed that on.
No feeling, in the giver people dont see color they only see black and white be uase people have dark eyes. Jonas and the previouse givers all have special abilities because they have pa,e eyes which makes them see colors.
Options, in th giver no one has options or chioces you either do what you are told or get in trouble because you have to do what you are told or the community can not move on.
People know nothing, In the book the giver states, "They know nothing" because in the book no one knows about the weather no one knows nothing about the world that they live in because they were not grown up this way.
Question everything, Jonas has a rule as being the receiver, he can ask any question to any person he wants to and i supposed to get an answer no matter how rude or how personal.
River, Jonas one day when he was going to take gabriel so he wouldn't get released he packed his stuff by the river so he could escape.
Sled, Jonas' first memory was the memory of a sled, he had the time of his life and never experienced this feeling before.
Telling you dreams, in the morning of each day every kid tells their dream to their family. Jonas cant becuase he is not allowed to and he could lie.
Utopia, the giver basically a utopia because every thing sempems oerfect but really things are a dystopia. You are being watched at each moment of your life and cant get away with anything.
Visually impaired, everyone in the community is visually impaired because no can see color and everyone went to sameness so they cant see any color only black and white.
when everything is perfect, in this story it is to seem like everything is perfect. They are trying to do this to try to make the best society that they can.
xylophone, In the giver close to the end of the story The Giver talks about music and how he can hear it and this kind of music he can hear.
Year, at the end of each year in December is everyone in the community's birthday. On that day to is when they get their baby if they applied for one and that day will be their birthday even if they weren't born on that day.
Zig Zag, when jonas wanted to watch the release the screen made a zig zag when it started and then played.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Dont break any rule, in the giver if you break a rule your name ges called out but without using your name. The story has lots of rules and the society seems like a uptopia.
evening in the annexe room, in this place this is where the giver gives jonas his memories on history. Jonas everyday after school goes here to train for his assignment.
Fiona, this is jonas' best friend. Her assignment is to care taker of the old. Her hair is red and she is a very nice friend.
A is for Asher because Asher is a main character in the story and is Jonas' friend
Breaking novel, the giver is a great story and i think that everyone should read it.
Correct language, When in school asher gets a language misunderstanding. Ay scack time Ashur says out loud "I want my smack" instead of snack. so he got what he wanted. Soon enough Asher learns the importance of language and starts not to smeak so fast and mumble anymore.
Giving memories, the giver gives memories to Jonas because he is the receiver of memories and his assignment is to keep the memories of the past although they might not be that pleasant
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