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Healthy and Unhealthy Habits and their meaning

No description

Jandy Hernandez

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Healthy and Unhealthy Habits and their meaning

Healthy and Unhealthy Habits
Healthy Habit Examples
Controlling weight, improves mood, combats diseases, boosts energy, improves longevity, nutrition, physical activity, weight management, stress management.
What are unhealthy habits?
Unhealthy Habits are things that you do that are not good for you or that are not the usual things that you do. It also involves your health and how you use it. Unhealthy Habits make your life time shorter.Why do you think it makes them shorter? well because you make it by not being healthy.
What are healthy Habits?
Healthy Habits are things that make your life a great one. It helps you be happy and live longer. It means that you don't have to worry about gaining weight if you make the right and healthy choices.
Unhealthy Habit Examples
Smoking,excessive drinking, nail biting, throat clearing, knuckle cracking, spending too much time on couch watching TV, overspending your way into dept, eating too much fast food, skipping breakfast, drinking too much alcohol, overusing pain killers and sedatives.
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