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No description

Charles Herndon

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Wolfs

Chickens have feelings?

Does it exists?
Thank you!
They know who you are
Chickens are able to remember and recognize over 100 individuals: they can also recognize humans
A dinosaur?
apparently, some scientist think that a chicken is the closet thing to a tyrannosauruses-Rex (weird huh?).scientist think that becuase they found a bone in the T-Rex that ended up being similar to the one in a chicken,That is why people think dinosaurs evolved into birds.
Noises they make
Chickens have different type of noises for certain type of predators which allow the others to know what type of threat they face.
Good mothers
About them
Chickens feel empathy for each. Researchers proved that domesticated hens show a clear physiological and behavioral response when there chicks are mildly distressed.
Hens are extremely affectionate and caring mothers. In Christian writings, Jesus is said to have used the love of a hen for her brood to express God’s love for humans. In Ancient Rome, saying ‘you were raised by a hen’ was a compliment.
chickens are able to comprehend that when an object is taken away, it still exist. young human children are unable to understand this.
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