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Red Dog film analysis by Navare Martin

pretty good, I think you should check it out.

Navare Martin

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Red Dog film analysis by Navare Martin

Red Dog Film Analysis by Navare Martin The film uses many creative and suspenseful camera angles. For example, there is a extreme close up on Jocko's face when he is talking about the day when he attempted suicide. The detail is evident and reflects his sadness when he is telling this story. The shot when Red Dog is first waiting for John to get home is an over the shoulder view looking at the road on which John will return, which symbolises how much Red Dog loves and needs John. It makes the audience sad so they connect with the characters more. Many of the shots in Red Dog are of the vast landscape looking at the total isolation of the location, so the audience really appreciates the excitment felt for the arrival of Red Dog and something new. Film Techniques They start the off with a classic song, Evie let your hair hang down by Steven Wright which is a popular Australian hit single which was released in 1974. This is an appropriate song for this movie. It has a good beat and rhythm to start the movie. and a rugged sound reflected in the landscape and the people. There is a band in the movie who play in the same rock n roll genre. They play a song about working hard which fits in with the culture of the town because they are all miners and are working hard.

Most of the songs are made by the same person, Cezary Skubiszewski who is one of the composers for the film. He composed most of the background music that creates the mood for the film. They play lots of classic Australian songs and songs that were made by composers that are all popular and have an awesome shoe tapping beat. The makers of the film were really trying to connect with the viewers using songs which stir memoires and are well liked. Music and Sound Characters Symbols and Language Quotes John : Is a good addition to this movie because he is American. We are able to view a typical Australian reaction to an outsider, The community are jealous of his good looks and they pay him out because he is an American and therefore not like them. When they get to know him they realise he is not that different and he is not to bad after all.

Nancy : Is good for this role because she is sweet but tough. She sticks up for herself. She hangs out with a bunch of guys and she has a good Australian accent. She attracts the attention of all the guys which is apparent because she is one of the rare girls that you find in the town.

Tom : He is a typical young Australian. He has an easy job and just wants to learn new things. When he arrives at Dampier he has few expectations, but it turns out he becomes intrigued with the town and what he can learn from it.

Jocko : He is a dull man who just gets on with his tasks. He has a simple life which includes going to the pub and working to pay for the beer he drinks.. This was his plan for the rest of his life althought once he told his story and got it off his chest and he appeared to became more confident in what he did. There are lots of symbols that compliment the movie to make this a pure auzzie film. For example like all the men in a hot deserted town going to the pub everyday and working hard. Wearing typical Australian attire like shorts and tank tops , getting into fights to show who's the toughest and listening to rock n roll music. All of these "symbols" make this film Australian. The strong Australian accents compared with the couple of guys form different countries still makes it Australian because these foreigners have become auzzie in there own way by trying to fit in.. Vanno: The world is a funny place, no? Sometimes you pick your dog. Sometimes your dog picks you : This quote talks about how life is unexpected you never know how it will plan out or how your decisions will effect your life. Vanno says this also because Red Dog was a awesome friend that picked the whole town to be friends with and it was a lucky situation that this happened to them in this town.

Nancy: You stay, boy. You stay here. You're home now . Nancy says this because Red Dog had been waiting for Johns return and now that he had died and Red Dog sat by his grave she was saying he could now finally be at peace and be with J ohnl She was saying this because Red Dog was an amazing friend and she respects his peace and hopes he rests well
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