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Integral Incubator Europe

Draft of process- description of the Integral Incubator

Stefan Schoch

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Integral Incubator Europe

Connect to Higher Purpose and your ‘Why’
Open your heart to what is most needed in the world
Let it all go, release assumptions and expectations
The Nine Stages of the
Integral Incubator

Be silent and presence what wants to emerge
See what wants to emerge through you
Who do you want to help?
Manifest your dreams and make commitments
Create a Safe Container. Open up.
find your 'Why'
open heart...
let go...
dive deep...
let come...
'for Whom'?
Prototype ideas, Plan ahead
What & How?
envision your ideal client / customer
adapt our offering to
translate your offering into
speak out loud your offering in front of the group
commit yourself to the next steps you will take
ask for and negotiate mutual support
design concrete 'product ideas'
define projects & concrete outcome
define next actions to take
define milestones
look back from the end of your life what you have achieved
get advice from your 'future you'
letting go of old beliefs
letting go of outdated 'shoulds' and 'musts'
connect to you real core
connect with you greatest gifts
feel into what in the world around you is mostly needed
match your gifts and the needs to your possible unique contribution
get in contact with the 'why am I here?'
what is my unique purpose of being in this world?
check into the safe incubating environment
share who you are and why you are here
connect with the group to create a powerful container of mutual support
be surprised what ideas and visions will arise out of this precious space
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