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Harman Rana

on 8 April 2013

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Ancient China Shang Dynasty Tang Dynasty Ming Dynasty Han Dynasty Song Dynasty 1368 - 1644 BCE
Time of Ming Dynasty Tumu Crisis (1449-1455)
War between Mongols and Ming Dynasty
Emperor Zhengtong captured by Mongols The Shang Dynasty was mostly Northern China Shang weapons were made of Fine bronze The Ying and Yang are opposites that come together to represent a harmonious whole The Shang believed in many gods and spirits, and the Shang king would be able to communicate with the spirits (ancestors) Zhou Dynasty The Zhou Dynasty replaced the Shang dynasty First evidence of chinese writing was during the Shang dynasty! Chinese writing was first established in books during the Zhou No other philisopher has as much influence and Confucius (kongfuzi) 551-479 BCE Han Feizi was the most prominent writer in Legalism -The Tang ruled from 618AD-907AD the Zhou were the ones who established irrigation systems to China The Zhou lost power in 256 BCE because of rebellion against kings Qin Dynasty -The Tang empire was the second largest after the Han Dynasty -The Tang used fine bronze weapons, chariots, and stone armor suits -The Tang Dynasty have fought for thousands of centuries -Wu was the first female The Qin dynasty ruled from 256-202 BCE Shi Huangdi was the only ruler during the Qin dynasty The great wall of china was initiated by Shi Huangdi One of the Qin palaces (Xianyang Palace) Religion -There was 6000 Terre Cotta Figures Buddhism stated during the Tang dynasty and is still a main religion in China Today Buddhist Monks (priests) dedicate their life to attain enlightenment Chinese Buddhist Temple -The Terra Cotta Figures protected Shi Huangdi Daoism is a philosophy about humans being one with nature Daoism was based on the teachings of the Philosopher Laozi Sui Dynasty -The Sui Dynasty took over after the fall of the Han Dynasty in 589AD -The founder of The Sui Dynasty (589-618AD) called himself Wendi
-Wendi conquered Southern China, which was divided into kingdoms -The Sui Dynasty repaired/rebuilt The Great Wall -The Grand Canal was the oldest man-made canals built arts/culture example of early chinese art examples of chinese clothing examples of early chinese weapons art- done in pen dipped in black ink they had festivals Geography/ Climate Ancient Chinese food Ancient chinese umbrellas - Ancient China's barriers were oceans and rivers Ancient Chinese fans - Ancient China's climate ranges from tropical(around30°C or higher)to polar conditions(below 0°C and lower) -Southern Ancient China had hot tempratures
-Northen Ancient China had cold tempratures -The Great Wall of China is more than 4000 miles long
-Rebuilt many times by several dynasties -The Huang He (Yellow River) is 3000 miles long
-The Yellow River floods each year -The Himalayan Mountains are not in modern day China
-In ancient time, these mountains helped to protect the early Chinese people from invasion Northern Song had a population of 100 million people. Emperor Ningzong 寧宗 was the 13th emperor of the Song dynasty.1194-1224 - known for the cultural achievements.
. War elephants In 1234, the Song Dynasty was conquered by the Mongols. Song Dynasty enjoyed entertainment in the cities On May 26, 1644, Beijing was attacked by rebel forces led by Li Zicheng, a leader of the peasant revolt. The last Ming emperor, Emperor Chongzhen, committed suicide when the city fell, marking the official end of the dynasty. Mah Jong - a popular game Yuan Dynasty The Yuan dynasty ruled from 1271-1368 Ruled by mongols not chinese Chinggis Khan had made himself the overlord Marco Polo had arrived to china during the Yuan A chinese and a mongol could not marry The Han ruled from 206 B.C to 221 B.C -The wealthy could afford silk robes -Emperor Wu resulted in vast territorial exansion Han Dynasty
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