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Services For Young People In Woking

Local delivery by SCC 2009-2010

chris bussicott

on 9 December 2009

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Transcript of Services For Young People In Woking

Services For Young People In Woking There are 5,200 young people aged 15-19 living in Woking Borough ...of them XXX are 'vulnerable' ...but for most, 'universal' services are offered ...in schools... ...by the Youth Development Service... ...by Connexions Personal Advisers Woking Connexions Centre. Preventative Work for young people at risk of disengaging with education Youth Development Service Youth Justice Service Inclusion Service Connexions Service NEET 'not in education, employment or training' Maybury & Sheerwater Knaphill 33 NEETs - the second highest ward in Surrey 14 NEETs - the sixth highest ward in Surrey 130 NEET in Woking Q2 34 have LDD 6 are teenage mothers or pregnant 5 are young offenders 3 are looked after young people Service delivery Cost of Delivery Cost per young person Cost per vulnerable young person Utilisation & Capacity 20 more in Q2 than Q1 Future plans The Surrey Youth Strategy will set out where we want to be and how we are going to get there by 2013. Lakers - 2 nights/week - 40 weeks/year - 4 hours/night - up to 10 young people per session
Woking Youth Centre - 2 nights/week - 40 weeks/year - 4 hours/night - up to 20 young people
Young Parents Group - 1 night/week - 8 week programme twice per year - 2 hours/night - up to 6 young people
Our strategy is to increase the employability of young people
in Surrey, particularly the most vulnerable.
Lakers (Goldsworth Park)
Woking Youth Centre (Maybury)
Sheerwater Youth Centre
Woking Youth Arts Centre (Knaphill)
Schools in Woking supported by Connexions, the Inclusion Service, and the Youth Justice Service
Bishop David Brown
St John the Baptist
The Pyrford Centre
Winston Churchill
Woking High
The Park School
Woking College

Additional support by YDS in
Bishop David Brown
Woking High
Winston Churchill
The Park School

Universal work in schools Targeted work
2 PAs supporting BME/asylum seeking young people.
1 PA keeping young people in Sheerwater and Maybury engaged in education, employment or training.
1 PA helping prevent young people entering the Care System and remain in stable education.
1 PA supporting teenage parents throughout Woking.
1 PA working with the Youth Justice Service to support young offenders in the Woking area.
A mentoring scheme to support young people at risk of becoming NEET, delivered through Woking YMCA.
Additional Connexions projects that also provide local support.
1 PA dealing with young people with housing issues/who are homeless.
1 PA working with the Traveller community.
Free phone service offering universal provision 07:00-01:00 every day
Web chat service offering universal provision 07:00-01:00 every day
Woking Leisure Centre
Woking Pool In The Park
Old Woking Community Centre
The Vyne Community Centre
Woking Skate Park
Detached and Outreach Work in parks and on the streets
Partnership work with Young Parents Group
Partnership work with Sexual Health Drop-in
Partnership Projects
Woking Youth Action Partnership
Joint Action Group
Student Assistance Programme
Xtreme Fun
Woking Youth Council
Surf Project

Grants to Voluntary organisations in Woking
Attitude Youth Group; £1,250 p.a.
Woking YMCA; £7,000 p.a.
Woking Sea Rangers; £2,000 p.a.
(grants 2009-2011)

Impartial information, advice and guidance for all 13-19 year olds Direct reparation projects providing approx 4 hours for each young person
Woking allotments; young people producing award winning flowers and vegetables for a home for the elderly (Moorcroft Care Home) with 2 sessions per week
White Rose Nature Reserve conservation project for a total of 40 hours per young people
Leaflet drops in support of Woking Hospice for a total of 12 hours per young person
Reclaiming public access to local footpath projects as requested by WBC, offering approx 24 hours work per young person
Additional county-wide projects
Carpentry workshop. Producing objects for local hospitals including memory boxes and children’s toys; 5 sessions per week
Working with local charities; 2 sessions per week
Working at Brookland’s Museum; 4 sessions per week
Woodland conservation;. 1 session per week for approx 20 weeks
Working with Painshill Park; total of 50 hours per young person
Graffitti projects; each project runs for a total of 48 hours
Provision of alternative education for those at risk of exclusion in Woking through the Surrey Alternative Learning Programme.
Short Stay School provision for learners excluded from Woking schools.
Education Welfare services for learners in SCC maintained schools in the area.
Provision of alternative education for learners missing education through tutoring and mentoring.
The provision of an education advice service for those parent and carers electing for home education delivery.
Provision of advice and guidance to schools, parents/carers and learners to prevent exclusion and ensure exclusion procedures are followed
Youth Development Service Connexions Service 3 FT posts but 1 current vacancy.
26 sessional posts but only 18 filled at present.
2 fte Personal Advisers to provide IAG in 7 schools throughout the Borough and Woking College Inclusion Service Staff numbers
SALP and SSS – numbers tbc
EWO – fully staffed numbers tbc
CME – numbers tbc – 1 vacancy + 1 long term sick leave
EHE—current .5 (vacancy factor .25)
E and R—current .5 (vacancy factor .25)
Pyrford Short Stay School
Woking Short Stay School
Primary tbc
remember 'employability'... How we give local area committees more say in the delivery of local youth services is a key transformational question for the County Council. Our approach will be to involve local committees much more in planning for 2010-2011, based on a needs profile of their local area. This profile will be based on local data, such as volume of youth crime, anti-social behaviour, poverty and deprivation, total numbers of young people living in the area, teenage conception or levels of young people not in education, employment or training. We will consider the needs of vulnerable specific groups such as gay young people, young people from ethnic minorities, travellers and new arrivals to the UK. Local intelligence from partner agencies and, crucially, elected members will also help paint the picture of need in a borough or district. We will also assess demand from young people for services. We plan to develop a new working model for 2011-2012 which will present a menu of ‘products’ or services; which will be delivered by the County Council in partnership with the voluntary, community and faith sector. To compliment our duty to deliver statutory local services, local Committees will be able to ‘buy’ products from the menu that might include detached youth work, centre based work, personal development, accredited programmes like Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, group work, targeted work with young people, arts, leisure, IT, music based youth work and so on. These products will be aligned to a countywide strategy for young people that contributes to a wider vision for Surrey. Services will also meet defined standards of quality and be contract managed through a framework agreement between providers and SCC. In 2008-2009 Connexions provided IAG support for 4,983 young people in Woking @ £63 per head (average cost) Projected spend in Woking £314,029 In 2008-2009 in Surrey, 2,463 young people aged 16-19 rejoined EET from NEET. Connexions spent £1,607,199 supporting them = £652 per head Projected cost of re-engaging Woking's 130 NEET £84,830 …plus voluntary and faith groups working in local schools... Youth Development Service open access provision had 1,622 attendances in Woking @ £14.81 per attendance (average cost) Projected spend in Woking £24,022 The Youth Development Service provided targeted youth work yielding 3,244 attendances at an average cost of £40.81 per attendance Projected cost of targeted youth work in Woking £132,388 The Youth Justice Service supported 130 young offenders in Woking at an average cost of £1,631 each Projected cost of YJS work in Woking £283,794 The Inclusion Service supported ?? at an average cost of £XX Projected cost of Inclusion Service in Woking £YYYYY Total project spend on universal provision in Woking £338,051 Total project spend on targeted provision in Woking £501,012 2.25 fte Personal Advisers providing targeted provision for NEET and vulnerable youngsters 5 fte Personal Advisers working intensively with BME young people, care leavers, teenage parents, and supporting the work of the Youth Justice Service 1 fte Personal Adviser working intensively with young people in Maybury and Sheerwater
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