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Copy of Using Social Media for Digital Advocacy

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Shakira Onwuachi

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Using Social Media for Digital Advocacy

What is Digital Advocacy?
Using digital technology and
to contact, inform, and mobilize a group of concerned people around an issue or cause.
Using Social Media for Digital Advocacy
Tweet Responsibly & Happy Tweeting Tweeters

How Are Others Using Twitter to Advocate?
Examples: @DigiEmpowerMPLS, @YouthAgainstViolence, @Haven Girls, #CommunityArt
: look up an organization/individual that advocates for a similar issue as yours
What is the issue or cause they are advocating for?
Who are their followers/audience?
How effective do you think their voice/information is? How can you tell this?
Are there others within their network opposing or objecting to what they are saying?

Your Twitter Image
Tweet Responsibly
You can influence more than you think
Get Started!
Digital Advocacy Tools
Email & Text
Websites (e.g. Google Sites)
Blogs (e.g. Wordpress)
Visual (e.g. Youtube & Instagram)
Why Twitter?
The Purpose: Stimulate online supporters to take action
6.5 billion active users
165,000 new accounts/day
Short & To the Point News/Information
Links to items on the Internet
Suggests followers
Sharing updates & keeping up-to-date
Activity: In 140 characters or less what can you say about your issue/cause?

Who’s in your social network? Will these people support your cause or issue?

If not, how will you gain supporters in the digital world?

How can you collaborate with others to further your cause or advocate for your issue?

"Think twice before you speak [tweet], because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another."
Napoleon Hill

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