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International Business Environment Presentation

No description

James Bugden

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of International Business Environment Presentation

International Business Environment Presentation - Group 9
Hangzhou - Alibaba
Rural China -Question 2
New Delhi - Question 3
Cass Business School London - Question 4
Philadelphia - SpinCent
Hangzhou - Question 1
Hangzhou -Question 5
Hangzhou - Question 5
Do you think most trade between countries and companies might eventually take place through sites like Alibaba.com? if so does that influence your interest in importing and exporting?
Question 3
Browsing websites
Visually attractive
user friendly
Globally recognized
International client base
Europages and Tradeindia - services (i.e) business services
Tradeindia and alibaba - goods
Anyone can trade
Company's aims are similar - simplifying contact between professionals

Differences :
Europages is more suited for global customers as the website can be in 26 different languages
Alibaba is focused on China's trade mainly, Trade-india is focused on India and Europages is aimed at European professionals but it is still available to international customers.
Identify a product you would like to import. Visit Alibaba.com go to the advanced search field and enter it. Select required criteria and click on search. Review the list of companies that qualify. Find a suitable seller, analyse this process for
potential value
List the benefits and costs of using sites like Alibaba to trade internationally. What does your analysis say to companies like SpinCent as they develop an export plan?
Visit www.alibaba.com, www.trade-india.com and www.europages.com. Compare and contrast these Web sites from the view of the seller to the buyer.
How transparent do sites like Alibaba.com make import-export transactions? Would you still worry about fraud?
Chinese internet company specialising in introducing Chinese manufacturers to buyers on a global scale.

Founded by Jack Ma in 1999 who is a strong believer of SMEs in which Alibaba is based on.

Makes international trade - cheaper - easier and more efficient

Based in Hangzhou

A Little Electronic Magic at Alibaba.com
Question 2
The Future
Looking to take advantage of historic Chinese outflow of products to the world

Looking to transform the national logistics business with - Ali-Express.com

Looking for the virtual urbanisation of every village across China

However the competitive and comparative advantage is eroding
Question 5

Improving the mechanics of trade

Makes information readily available and inexpensive

Allows SMEs to expand and grow

The danger of Fraud is reduced

Smoothens international trade playing field

Provides direct services international traders
Question 2

Fraud may still exist

False security

Many financial costs involved:

Certification cost
Personalised Web page costs
Agent Service cost
Financial services fee

Likelihood of back ordering - damage online reputation
Manufacture laboratory and industrial centrifuges that provide separation solutions for firms.

Struggling U.S. Economy and company growth

Cultural Diversification and Market Information

Financial Security

Profitability productivity and diversification
Issues - Fraud

Increased protection

Alibaba conflict - Internal

Safety procedure faults - False security

Question 4 - Statistics
Question 4
Easier - Cheaper - Faster appealing

Being big or small doesnt matter

Infinite resources through technological progression

SMEs create independent exporting strategies

WTO - Trade Barriers falling

No longer a question - Market potential
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