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Christian fundamentalism in the USA

GFS by Jillian Freitag

Jillian Freitag

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Christian fundamentalism in the USA

History Firstly used: beginning of 20. century in churchly circles
Parts of the bible were criticised
Protest agains "liberal" belief by conservative theologians
"The fundamentals" was published Christian fundamentalism Fundament: the bible
Inerrant, completely true and any critique on it is to refuse
Most of them: Protestants
Developments depend on origin, processing and teaching
Forbidden is for e.g. homosexuality or abortion
Religious groupings/sects are for e.g. Baptists or Jehovahs' Witnesses Belief - Analysis of Pro and Contra Daily Life Going to church and pray
Very strict life
Lots of rules
Kids are often send to special schools and Jesus Camps "The most hated family in America" Family Phelps, core of the Westboro Baptist Church
Documentary about them by TV channel "BBC"
See their daily life and interviews with them GFS by Jillian Freitag Christian fundamentalism
in the USA What is a fundamentalist? Latin: fundamentum = base, foundation, grounding.
Belief, radical way of thinking and a social movement
Believe in a written fundament
Disapprove modernity
Strict with their conservative belief
Use radical and often intolerant methods word spread by god Christian fundamentalism in the USA Fundamentalism in other religions What do you know about
fundamentalism/christian fundamentalism? 1. What is fundamentalism?
2. Christian fundamentalism 2. 1 Christian fundamentalism in the USA
2. 1. 1 History
2. 1. 2 Belief - Analysis of Pros and Cons
2. 1. 3 Daily life
2. 1. 4 "The most hated family of America" 1. What is a fundamentalist?
2. 1 Christian fundamentalism in the USA 2. 1. 1 History
2. 1. 2 Belief - Pros and Cons
2. 1. 3 Daily life
2. 1. 4 "The most hated family of America" 2. 2 Christian fundamentalism in Germany 2. Christian fundamentalism 3. Fundamentalism in other religions 3. 1 Islamic fundamentalism
3. 2 Haredi Judaism 4. Summary / Discussion Strong spirit
Strong community
Security in their spirit Weak self-assurance
Obtruding their spirit
Taking parts out of their fundament without context to proof anything PRO CON Part of the bible, taken out of context: "A man also or a woman [...] that is a wizard shall surely be put to death." Harry Potter is bad for kids - The Bible, Leviticus 20:27 The governemnt of the USA should be punished for their tollerance against things like homosexuality or child abortion Islamic fundamentalism Fundamentals taken from Islam: the Quran and the Sunnah
Definitions vary, most are extreme, fanatic and also violent
Bad reputation because of association with terrorism The al-Qaida and its founder Osama Bin Laden planned, among other, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on the 11th September 2001.

All members of the
al-Qaida are Islamists. Haredi Judaism Ultraorthodox Judaism
Fundamentals taken from Judaism: the Thora
Different development
In comparison to other fundamentalist religions: very peaceful, sets value on family life "Be fruitful and multiply!" - Thora, Book of Genesis 1:28, 9:1,7 Summary Too polarized, losing spirit
Belief is often not liveable
Bible: a guide for everybody
Extreme ideologies should always be examined critically
How can you "love your neighbour as yourself" while hating everybody who is not your opinion so much? They disapprove moderntiy, but use things like a Homepage, Facebook and Twitter for spreading their spirit? Not only Islamists have done terroristic attacks because of their spirit.

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 (mostly) young people in Norway last year because he wanted to show his religious message.

Yes, he was a christian fundamentalist. Thank you for your attention!
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