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Intranet Change 2013

Intranet Change - Brisbane 2013

Online Services DEWNR

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Intranet Change 2013

centralise information storage and
standardise information management

foster a collaborative and
inclusive working culture across aproximately 109 locations across the state

to enable greater knowledge sharing, information accessibility and to create a single source of truth Why are we implementing this? 2011 2013 iShare Project Timeline Development begins:
Configuring new platform with
infrastructure and developing
records management capabilities JULY OCTOBER The old intranet replaced with
iShare Portal APR - MAY - JUN 2012 Project Management Resource Centre
released to users (to support PMF) Training / Information sessions
commence on a weekly basis Community Site Development
commences (as per BCM) Applications within iShare Can utilise complex workflows for process automation Custom Application packages Targeted towards a particular business function Maritime Register Application Learning and Development Application Legislative Compliance Register What is iShare? iShare is a digital information platform that will allow our Agency to change our current work practices. iShare has enabled us to increase our corporate performance by:
creating efficiencies
reducing costs
improving knowledge management
ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
ensuring up-to-date & dynamic information is available to staff iShare Phase 1 iShare Phase 2 Provide an Intranet user interface for agency policies, procedures, operational information and daily news introduce specialised workspaces to provide document management functionality and collaboration Administrative Sites Project Sites Community Sites Committee Sites Administrative Sites based on the workplace organisational structure contains information relating to the administrative functions of the subject Team, Branch or Directorate branded in grey for ease of identification Project Sites created for each workplace Project to capture all project-related information provides dashboard reporting and real-time project logs supported by the Project Management Framework (PMF) Community Sites collaborative workspaces for any staff member who contributes to a particular business function created based on the a Federal Business Capability Model (a Community for each business function) lead by one or more Community Conveners
(those who have responsibility for the business function) Committee Sites contain information relating to the operation of each Committee across the workplace support committee groups that are formed to fulfill any legislative / internal requirement assist committee groups with reporting and
record-keeping 8 x Administrative Sites

1 x Community Site

4 x Committee Sites 33 Live Users
across Business Operations Branch JAN - FEB - MAR Ongoing development / configuration of the iShare environment Additional iShare sites released,
including the iShare User Community Business Capability Model 2012 - 2013 JUL - AUG - SEP 32 / 32 Sites Completed 67 Staff Members accredited 142 Project Sites created for release Pilot sites implemented for
Business Operations Branch OCT - NOV - DEC Business Unit Engagement
to inform staff members and introduce new concepts Identification / appointment of Community Conveners
(functional leaders) Project Endorsed by
Group Executive Directors Revised Organisational Structure implemented across the business Agency Rollout Hard Copy Records Management Integration Phase-Out of Shared Network Drives - includes the retirement of RecFind - final step towards achieving EDRMS compliance - drives become Read-Only when iShare sites are released - disconnected once users have migrated required information Enhanced iShare Functionality plus ongoing support - customised Applications created within iShare - Site customisation to suit business needs Customised Reporting Tools in iShare Summary The iShare Project will: deliver a centralised, standardised and compliant content / records management system invoke cultural change through increased collaborative opportunities and access to information reduce costs through administrative efficiencies and process automation 1 2 3 Challenges Non-Standard Operating Environments Resistance to Cultural / Procedural Changes Client Resourcing: Scheduling and Scope Organisational Uncertainty 1 2 3 4
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