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Atamjeet Singh

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Uluru investigation and report
Environment: What is being done to manage the Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park now? What programs are in place to protect and regenerate the area? How are wildfires prevented?
Management: How many people climb Uluru each year? Is the area being managed effectively? Why do the traditional owners ask tourists not to climb? Should people climb the rock? How could people be persuaded not to climb?
Every year more than 400,000 people visit uluru and about 39% (1025) people climb uluru. Traditional owners say please don't climb uluru because they believe that their ancestors powers are inside uluru and it would be dis respectful if their powers are stepped on which is why they shouldn't climb the rock. By putting security guard around uluru or by putting up signs.
Part 1.
Geography: What is Uluru? What type of landform is it and how was it formed? In what type of environment is it found? What are the features of this type of environment?

Uluru was known as a Ayers Rock. Uluru is made out of one huge rock that is know as monolith and is in middle of Australia (northern territory). Uluru is about 300 million year old rock that used to be in the sea. It got formed by huge pile of sand that was inland of the sea. over lots of years, the wind and rain started hitting the rock and started weathering it. When all that had happened, it was founded in a sand desert . It is sandy and it is located in the middle of Australia so it would be hot and it would be surrounded by grass as seen on picture.
History: When and why did its name change? Who is responsible for its management? When/Why was the township of Yulara created?
Uluru was first named Ayers Rock by Ernest Giles who was an European explorer who first sighted the rock in 1872. The name Ayers Rock was name d after the South Australian Premier. (Sir Henry Ayers). In 1958 the Kata Tjuta National Park was separated from the Petermann Reserve. So at this time the name was changed to Uluru and then it became managed by the northern territory reserve board.
Ancient Culture: Which indigenous group are the traditional owners of the area? What is ‘Tjukurpa’? Why is it important to these people and to the management of Uluru?
The Angus are the traditional owners of Uluru, they were given back the land with an agreement that was to let the park to the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service for about 99 years.Tjukurpa is the way of the people, their culture and their way of life. It means that This things from the past, which then becomes their present and then makes it better or develops it for the future.
Modern Culture: Why is Uluru important on a national scale?
It is important to the aboriginals because it is a sacred place for them and they believe that their ancestors power and bodies are in that huge rock. Which is why Uluru is important to them.
The councils are now thinking about putting fences so that people can't climb or ride to the top of Uluru. They are doing patch burning to protect vegetation for animals and make ways to get to uluru. Wild fires are prevented by rain because in uluru the more rainfall the more their is fuel so there is more chances of fire.
extension: Mt Everrest
Everest is 29,035 feet or 8848 meters high
It is over 60 million years old
Everest grows by about a quarter of an inch (0.25") every year
The wind can blow over 200 mph
The temperature can be -80F
It takes 40 days to climb Mt. Everest in order for the body to adjust to the high altitude
249 people have died on Everest from 1924 to 2013
Mt Fuji
Mount Fuji has a rise of 12,388 feet and is the 35th most prominent mountain in the world
It has a circumference of 78 miles and a diameter of 30 miles
Its crater is 820 feet deep and has a surface diameter of 1,600 feet
The first known ascent of Mount Fuji was by a monk in 663
Mount Fuji's last eruption occurred from December 16, 1707 to January 1, 1708.
Mount Fuji is the most climbed mountain in the world with over 100,000 people trekking to the summit every year

Mt or K2 Godwin Austin

K2 is the second tallest mountain in the planet Earth.
It is 28,251 feet tall and is located near the boarders of china and Pakistan.
About 200-300 people have died trying to climb K2
BY Atam
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