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How to Get a Hot Job in a Cold Market

"How to Get a Hot Job in a Cold Market" is a 1-hour seminar designed to get you on the path to your next great career!

Michael Phelps

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of How to Get a Hot Job in a Cold Market

Map to a New Career! How to Get a Hot Job in a Cold Market Resume Myths
Resume Strategies 1.
Overhaul! 2.
The Job Seeking POWER
of Maximizing Your Efficiency
When Job Searching 3.
Time Management Are you on your way
to a HOT job now? Start!
(Brrrr!) Have you been COLDLY laid off recently?

Searching for a COOL new professional career?

How do I get started in this CHILLY market? Job Seeking Statistics
Posting your resume online only has an 8% chance of success, the same percentage of success you had in 2003, when online resume posting was in its infancy.
The national average for number of applicants who apply online to every job is 331.
Even among Fortune 100 companies, only 18% of them respond to job applicants to let them know a position has been filled.

(Source: careerchangechallenge.com) Conclusions
Posting your resume online leads to limited success at best
You may never hear back from a company after applying online for one of their jobs
There's a lot of competition for jobs So how the heck do I get started? Resume Myth #1
"A resume shouldn't be
longer than one page" http://www.youtube.com/embed/gR52m-rPykE" WRONG!

One-page resumes are a thing of the past
Engineering and IT resumes alone are frequently 4 pages or longer
Companies want nearly 3 times as much information on your resume than was required 25 years ago
More contact information
More skills & expertise
More professional organizations
More technology skills
Deal sheets and accounts
More, more, more! However!

Filling your resume with useless details doesn't do you or anyone reading it any good. Watch out for:

"Above the Thumb" rule
Objectives; get rid of them or tailor to every job
No personal information
No photos
No pretty paper, perfumes or glitter Michael Phelps
in-Direct Information
www.linkedin.com/in/michaelphelps Contact us today! Resume Myth #2

"I should include
on my resume." WRONG!

If you're a weak or moderate candidate and one of your references is a current or former manager, what's to stop me from recruiting her? YOU MANAGER Like this Prezi?

Learn to create your
own at Prezi.com Special Thanks to
Chamber of commerce Resume Myth #3

"A functional resume is as good as a chronological resume." WRONG!

In 95% of cases, recruiters, hiring managers and HR managers want to see chronological resumes. What's the difference, you ask? Functional Chronological FUNCTIONAL
RESUME Uses paragraphs to list all experience and skills

Job chronology is simple and at the end Lists and details each job individually

Skills are listed in a separate section Let's give 'em a hand! In a survey of 450 professional level recruiters, 98% were using LinkedIn
48% of these recruiters ONLY used LinkedIn
Each recruiter had an average of 616 connections LinkedIn Statistics
(source: LinkedIn.com)

Nearly 200 million users
Adds 2 users every second
1/4 are managers or higher
1/5 are recruiters Source: commrpo.biz LinkedIn Strategy #1
Complete your profile

Use the Profile Completeness Bar to measure progress
Write a comprehensive Summary
Add a photo
Complete Experience and Education as thoroughly as you can
Add contact information
Add your Public Profile Link to your resume
Upload a PDF copy of your resume to Box.net Files Let's look at some profiles now!


http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrea-mize/1a/27a/b61 LinkedIn Strategy #2
Level the Playing Field

Familiarize yourself with LinkedIn's search capabilities
Search for contacts in industries and geographies you want to work in
Look for those who would likely be your boss or your boss' boss
Reach out and contact LinkedIn Strategy #3
LinkedIn Groups

You can join up to 50 groups
Target those about jobs, industries, geographies, job functions and professional organizations
Participate in Discussions
State clearly in Career Discussions that you are seeking employment and asking for help Let's do a search and look at a group now! LinkedIn Strategy #4
Connect with Everyone You Meet

Throughout your job search you will undoubtedly meet many people
Connect with all you can on LinkedIn
Now you're organically growing your network with people you've actually met, increasing your online exposure and search capacity on LinkedIn. Time Management
Strategy #1

Create a Job search Summary document "A Job Search Summary? What the heck is that?" A Job Search Summary is a list of everything you're looking for in a new career.

Desired geographies
Solid companies (whether or not you think they're hiring)
Your top skills you'd like to put to use
Your required compensation
What you bring to the table in your own words
List of five references

Making a Job search Summary document helps focus your efforts and also helps ensure you not only get a job, but the RIGHT job. Time Management
Strategy #2

Divide Your time Wisely Divide Your Time This Way

20% Posting Resumes/Applying Online
30% Networking Face-to-Face
20% Searching/Connecting on LinkedIn
10% Tweaking Resumes/Job Search summary
20% Relaxing Time Management
Strategy #3

Interview Effectively To Prepare
Research "behavioral interview questions" on Google
Have 2 more copies of your paper resume than the number of people you're expected to meet
Be prepared to discuss your strengths AND weaknesses To Execute
Full business dress
Firm handshake
Stay calm and friendly
Give STAR answers Remember!

Use a clear, complete, chronological resume
LinkedIn is the preferred recruiting tool by the majority of the people who can get you a professional job.
Relax sometimes!
Be efficient and wise in the use of your time. RESOURCES

LinkedIn Learning Center

"How to Apply for a Professional Job"
Chad Myers, Los Techies blog

"Top Ten Behavioral Interview Questions"
Allison Doyl, About.com


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