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Kidnapped by: Robert Louis Stevenson

No description

Alondra Gonzalez

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Kidnapped by: Robert Louis Stevenson

Kidnapped copyright:1886 CHARACTER STUDY David Balfour: Summary by: Robert Louis Stevenson VOCABULARY Avidity: Dominie: Manse: Bound: Muckle: Liard: Gout: extreme eagerness or enthusiasm A pastor a person's house or home rebound from a surface variant form of mickle(big) a person who owns a large estate a drop or spot of blood/disease Kidnapped BOOK REPORT: BY: Alondra Gonzalez 8th grade period 5 David is an experienced man at the end of this story because he has lived through lot of adventures.He is also able to outwit (superior in knowledge) his uncle and claim his inheritance his dad left him in his wil.At the end of this book he became a smarter and more mature person.David can also be defined as a Lowland boy. SOURCES http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/kidnapped/ http://dictionary.reference.com/ This book took place on the 18 century and its based on a true story.The true story is about a 12 years old kid who got kidnapped by his uncle to keep his inheritance and managed to excape 13 years later. That's basically what my book is about but the guy is way older than the kid.
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