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Zoo Or No Zoo?

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w w

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Zoo Or No Zoo?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Group H, No. 08
Zoos or not Zoos!
1. Introduction

Zoos Or Not Zoos?
Outline Of Essay
5. Counter argument

3. Counter argument
2. Advantages of Zoos
6. Conclusion
Group H:
Tse Man Wai, Yvonne 13001769
Tsang Wing Yan, Ella 13000532
Au-Yeung Sin Ki, Jenny 13002403
1) Visiting zoos : popular family activities
2) Public attitude toward visiting zoos: Positive
"No one wants a life in prison, neither the animals. In fact,
it is not necessary to establish zoos to achieve the purpose of education and protection, let the animal return to their homeland."
Argument: Education

English Essay Presentation
Educate about animals & environment
Touching, feeding and taking pictures with animals
Unforgettable experience
Argument: Protection
Neurotic and self-harming behavior
Shorter life span
"Ugly" animals are not protected
Guaranteed shelters and physical health
Wrong information
Cannot see the real life of animal
Disrespect of life
Alternative of Education
Argument: Promotion
Advantages of Zoos
Eco tour
Promote the protection of animals
Display boards and exhibitions near the animals habitats
Eg. Global warming affect polar bear and penguins
Conservation organizations
Eg:World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF)
Workshop for schools
Raises youngsters' awareness
Protect the nature and engage them into the conservation
4. Counter argument
Bring joy and happiness
Protect the endangered animals
Promote the protection of animals
Advantages of having zoo can be replaced
Zoos are not necessary
Shouldn't build our happiness on their pain
Adverse effects > advantages
Zoos should be banned
Katie A. (2014, October 18) Swaying elephants, a pacing bear and a self-harming monkey: PETA urges boycott of zoos and circuses as video shows animals suffering from 'zoochosis',
Daily Mail Online
Amber H.(2011, November),Depression in Caged Animals: A Study at the National Zoo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
, 26(11)
Ian S. (2008, December 12) Stress and lack of exercise are killing elephants, zoos warned,
The Guardian
Draper. W.A. and Bernstein, I.S. (1963). Stereotyped behaviors and cage size.
Perceptual and Motor Skills
16, 231-234.
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