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No description

Neil Sullivan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Simon

Important action #1
Physical description
"He was a skinny, vivid little boy, with a glance coming up from under a hut of straight hair that hung down, black and coarse"
Important action #2
“We used his specs,” said Simon, smearing a black cheek with his forearm. He helped that way.”
Important action #3
"We-Jack, Simon and me- we climbed the mountain. It’s wizard. There’s food and drink"
A,Doran-Simon-Third period
"Listen everybody. I've got to have time to think things out I can't decide what to do straight off. If this isn't an island we might be rescued straight away. So we've got to decide if this is an island. Everybody must stay round here and wait and not go away. Three of us-if we take more we'd get all mixed and lose each other-three of us will go on an expedition and find out. I'll go, and Jack, and, and....." "and Simon"
Jack was accusing piggy of not helping with keeping the fire going, then Simon jumps in and says that they used his glasses to light the fire.
Ralph says that he, Jack, and Simon explored the mountain and found food and water.
Ralph decides to explore the island with Simon, and Jack.
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