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Daily Life of an Eygptian

Grace Sheedy

Mrs. Waggoner

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Daily Life of an Eygptian

Daily Life of an Egyptian
Grace Sheedy Family Food Clothes Gods Children Toys and Fun School Homes Pets For your family it was very normal to marry at a young age, like a 12 year old and marrying a 20 year old. Your father arranges your marriage. The main job for the wife is to keep the house clean and have children. If you couldn't have children, don't worry then your husband marries again and has 2 wife's that can have children and you would split the house work. So you would still be married just your husband would have two wife's. It was good to have kids! For lots of reasons. In this picture these are a few gods. It was important to praise and worship your belief. Because the gods are in control of there future and their life. School in those days are different from
now. Some kids didn't go to school. If they did
they had school in a temple. Some male children
would work for the government they where called a scribe. The children where taught to be scared of their god and about their belief. They where taught this because the gods where in control, so everything depended on them.Women would visit everyday to praise their gods! Children where the heart of the family. Almost everyone had children. Each child was taught what parents want to teach today to their kids to be respectful, kind honest, to care for people. They also where taught the family business. To entertain themselves they would play with dolls or doll furniture, balls, rattles, spinning tops, carved animals, and swimming in lakes or rivers. The most common food was bread.
At almost every meal you would have
bread. People liked having honey and garlic with it.
They believed that eating garlic would help keep
the bad spirits away. They also made beer out of
bread. For most snacks they would have fish and eggs.
They would also grow a lot of crops too. In ancient Egypt there was no such things as pants so they ware cloth made out of lines of ranging from the coarse to find texture. Women ware a straight fitting dresses, in winter they would ware cloaks. The men ware cloth but only around their waste and lower. They also ware cloaks in the winter. The children in summer would be in their bear skin, in winter they would wear cloaks and wraps. Most of the common pets where gazelles, dogs, cats, monkeys, and doves. Cats where most popular because they would keep them in their kitchen to keep mice out. They also would mummify their pet and put them in a graveyard. Also for a dog chain they would trade 1/2 their poison for the latest one made. There where 3 kinds of homes craft homes, farm homes, and town homes. Lots of the houses where made out of stone and mud brick. Your kitchen stove would be a pot with fire, your bath would be a stone box with water and a pot. The main rooms in your house are your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and reception (where yo would pray and praise).
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