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How to do an INCREDIBLE Ardyss Showcase

ardyss showcase http://www.nakidafriday.com

Nakida Friday

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of How to do an INCREDIBLE Ardyss Showcase

How to do an INCREDIBLE Showcase! Anywhere you go can be considered a Showcase when youve taken time out to explain the specifics of your business.
Showcase can be One on One Showcase can be with multiple people. Showcase should NEVER take longer than an Hour Intro/Inspiration who are You?
about the Company
Why You Joined Ardyss ps. You must explain to them that what they are to
experience, will leave them with Sleepless nites, and
Standing on their Heads! This appointment will
CHANGE their Lives..FOREVER Call your Models for Live Transformation
make sure models have positive attitudes
try to diversify the body types and styles
allow them to tell what they desire to change about themselves
always show both front, side posture, and back PRESENTATION 15 minutes NUTRITION
present only nutritional suppliments
one that you have a personal testimony for
Levive.. pass out Levive samples at this time
Sectioned off into 2 Segments! Reshaping Garment
mention that we have 28 other garments
choose your favorite 2 garments and speak on those only
mention mens garments, and medical benefits
bring out your Live Transformations

15 minutes!! COMPENSATION Sectioned off into 2 Segments! Compensation PowerStart
100% matching bonus
only MLM which does this!!
up to $60,000 per person Have your participants to repeat 3x's
Ardyss Pays DIffErenT Way Be sure that when models Return
music is HYPE
models are Dancing or Smiling
make sure they have on fitted clothing to SHOWCASE CURVES you know I had to get in Somewhere!! Find one of the Other Ways You Like...
how long did it take for you to understand all ways... dont try to EXPLAIN them ALL! your runnin out of Time..
and ATTENTION SPAN Recommendation &CLOSE! Thank them for coming! thank your hostess! a gift would be nice too! explain that you understand that
they may have questions, and will be happy to answer each concern!

*Dont try to spend all of your time Answering questions! Your looking to give your PERSONAL attention.. Explain that they have ways to purchase
Full Price
ReOccuring order which will allow them a discount and a Website and many more Benefits.
Business Opportunity which includes first months ReOccurring order, Website and Investment is Returned in Product! oops! dont forget to tell them the most important thing...
That if they decide to become
Business Partners.. that they have
an additional Bonus for purchasing that day! huh? Thank you for Watchin!
come thru and show me Some www.NakidaFriday.com
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