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Acient Chinese Sundial

The invention and facts about the Ancient Chinese Sundial.

Joshua Lavallee

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Acient Chinese Sundial

Who Created the Sundial? The first sundial was created in 574 A.D. however the Chinese one did not appear until the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). It is not known who invented it or why it was made.

-SOURCE: Sundials http://hua.umf.maine.edu/China/astronomy/tianpage/0021sundial5416bw.html

SOURCE 2: What materials were used to make this? The sundial was created by carving into a stone tablet in the shape of a circle and then placing a Gnomon, the metal rod protruding from the center of the sundial.

SOURCE: Sundial in Ancient China
http://www.chinancient.com/sundial-in-ancient-china/ By: Josh Lavallee The Ancient Chinese
Sundial What dynasty was it created in? The Chinese sundial dates back to the Ming Dynasty, around 1370 AD to 1400 AD

SOURCE: Sundials http://hua.umf.maine.edu/China/astronomy/tianpage/0021sundial5416bw.html Why was this invention made? It was used by the people to count the hours of the day, but only could be used on sunny days.

SOURCE: Sundials in Ancient China
http://www.chinancient.com/sundial-in-ancient-china/ What purpose did it serve??? The sundial was used to count the hours of the day, and that was it's basic purpose.

SOURCE: Sundials in Ancient China
http://www.chinancient.com/sundial-in-ancient-china/ How did this item affect society? This item was used to count the hours of the day in China by the people.

SOURCE: The Sundial
http://www1.chinaculture.org/created/2005-09/02/content_72391.htm Hello! Welcome to the farthest place in this prezi!

Congrats of finding this easter egg! Did this object appear in any other historical times? Yes! It appeared in Babylon, Greece, and Egypt.

SOURCE: Dead Media Archive - Sundials

http://cultureandcommunication.org/deadmedia/index.php/Sundial Is this invention still used today? This invention IS still used today! Mostly for decorative stuff, or for display
This bridge from California shows a real sundial in action, however it was made for
decoration purposes, and to show off some interesting astronomy.

SOURCE: The Sundial Bridge in Redding CA.
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