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Lord of the Flies Chapter 9

presentation on ch.9 of Lord of the Flies by: William Golding through the four lenses

George Ackon

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Chapter 9

Lord of the flies Chapter 9
Presented by: George Ackon, Brandon Machado, Mia Curic, and Victor Torres
Literary Devices
"giving human attributes to non-human things"
"Power lay in the brown swell of his forearms; authority sat on his shoulder and chattered in his ear like an ape" (Golding, 165)
"Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood"
(Golding, 168)
"repeating words or phrases"
"a comparison between two things using like or as"
"The Lord of the Flies hung on his stick like a black ball"
Golding, 160)
Pathetic Fallacy
"the endowment of nature, inanimate objects, etc., with human traits and feelings"
The Death of Simon; "The dark sky was shattered by a blue-white scar" (Golding,168-169)
"is a descriptive term accompanying or occurring in place of a name and having entered common usage"
(Golding, 163)
"the representation of something in symbolic form or the attribution of symbolic meaning or character to something"
The conch as a symbol of power: "I've got the conch" "You haven't got it with you...you left it behind. See, Clever" (Golding, 166)
The tribe form a chanting circle: “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood” the tribe begins to act violent and begin to relive the killing of the pig
Fear of the Beast
“Even at that distance it was possible to see that most of the boys-perhaps all the boys-were there. So they had shifted camp then, away from the beast” (Golding,162)
'And my hunters will protect you from the beast. Who will join my tribe?’ (Golding pg 166)
Civilization vs Chaos
Ralph does not want to lose the trust of the boys on the island. Jack splits the boys apart from Ralph’s authority causing chaos . “who is going to join my tribe”...”I’m chief” said Ralph, ‘because you chose me’
“I’ll blow the conch, ‘said Ralph breathlessly, ‘and call an assembly.’ ‘We shan’t hear it.’ Jack neglects Ralph who is trying to assure his power
Jack uses the fear of the beast to gain power, Simon uncovers the beast but is killed before he can say anything failure to restore power in the island. Simon symbolizes hope for civilization and being killed causes chaos. “The beast was harmless and horrible; and the news must reach the others as soon as possible” (Golding, 162)
Jack and his tribe still chanting and dancing are disoriented and believe Simon is the beast. They are consumed by savagery, so he is surrounded and beaten to death: “Simon’s dead body moved out towards the open sea” (Golding,170)
"View of Death" (Golding, 160)
"is the use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in literature"
Insightful, has a knowledge of people
Had the rationality to know that the beast was not realistic
Quiet, misunderstood
Slowly begins to lose his mind

Page 161 “Simon spoke aloud to the clearing. “What else is there to do?””
“The usual brightness was gone from his eyes”
Chief, demanding, a natural leader
Civil and rational
Upset in chapter nine because he has competition with Jack
Page 163 “’For hunting,’ said Ralph, wisely, “and for pretending to be a tribe, and putting on war-paint”’ – mocking Jack’s party
Adult figure in some ways, but also very childish Intellectual, intelligent
Bullied for asthma, obesity and glasses
Leadership skills, which he can now show because he is not always overpowered by Jack

Page 165 “Piggy once more was the centre of social derision”
Primitive, savage and a bully, bossy and violent
Savage since chapter four when he paints his face with war-paint
Very power thirsty

Page 164 “Jack, painted and garlanded, sat there like an idol”

Page 165 “Power lay in the brown swell of [Jack’s] forearms; authority sat on his shoulder and chattered in his ear like an ape.”
 Finally feels more powerful then Ralph

Page 165 “[Jack] looked down from behind his paint at Ralph and Piggy”

Page 165 “His tone conveyed a warning, given out of the pride of ownership”

 Impulsive and does not think ahead, only cares about meat and violence – didn’t think about what the boys would do about fire and shelter in case of rainfall
 Wants to be the leader of the group
Ralphs insult: "who's clever now? where are your shelters? what are you going to do about that" (Golding, 167)
The setting on the island has gotten very gloom and the island is losing its unique, utopian features. Pathetic fallacy has taken numerous times within the play and it surrounds Simon. The weather is sort of effecting the boys’ actions and it controls the ‘beast’ as a puppeteer would a puppet. Overall, the island’s savage and raw nature splits the boys’ civility as they lose their grip on reality as they kill another boy without any thought.
The End!!!
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