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Challenge Based Learning: Moving Our World

No description

Jennifer Brinson

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Challenge Based Learning: Moving Our World

Challenge Based Learning: Moving Our World
Jennifer Brinson - Teacher

Salisbury High School, Allentown, PA

Resources: http://bit.ly/shscbl
The Framework
Challenge: How Do You Move Your World Forward?
Activity: Research and discover organizations or ideas that need developing.


CBL Planning Form

Video Rubric
How Do You Move Your World Forward?
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
--Mohatma Gandhi

Exposure to other cultures and people
Appreciation for others and for the opportunities we have
Enhance skills with various tools to enable our kids to collaborate, communicate, research, plan, and execute projects that will make a difference.
What does CBL mean?

What is your project?
How did you choose your project?
How do you plan your project?
What do you hope to accomplish?
What does CBL allow you to do as a learner?
What lessons have you learned?
How has CBL changed your perspective?
Resources and Contact Info

Wiki: http://bit.ly/shscbl
YouTube Playlist: http://bit.ly/CBLPlaylist
Twitter: @jbrinson21
Email: brinsonj21@gmail.com
Seminar Blog: http://www.salisburysd.us/brinson/
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