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Chronicle of a Death Foretold Symbolism

No description

Thomas Oo

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Chronicle of a Death Foretold Symbolism

Ferocity of love Relationship between Bayardo and Angela Names Falconry -means from Nazarath (Jesus' childhood home) The Vicario's Pablo
Pedro Vicario Poncio Vicario Bayardo San Roman Bayardo - Thoroughbred Horse Santiago Nasar Ibrahim Nasar "The pursuit of love is like falconry" Symbolism in Chronicle of a Death Foretold Falconry Animals Santiago Nasar Pablo and Pedro
Vicario Townspeople Pigs
Pig Knives - Foreshadows Santiago's brutal death - Killed more like an animal "When you sacrifice a steer you don't dare
look into its eyes." (Marquez 52) "Vicario brothers sacrificed the same hogs they raised
(...) they didn't give them people's names but the names of flowers." (Marquez 52) Scent of Santiago - Smell represents the guilt of the whole town
- Santiago's scent lingers around the town
- The town's guilt cannot be "washed" away
- In jail, the twins can't remove the scent of Santiago -direct representation of Jesus -Since they sharpened their knives twice, foreshadows that Santiago will be slaughtered twice (death & autopsy)
"It was as if we killed him all over again after he was dead"(72) "Everything continued smelling of Santiago Nasar that day. The Vicario brothers could smell him in the jail cell." (Marquez 78) -actions speak louder than words "She wrote a weekly letter for over half a lifetime" (Marquez 93) The Nasars - ages Angela and brings Bayardo back to her -Sant- saint, iago - James -Saint James is the patron saint of Spain
Nasar = Of Nazareth Direct Representation of Jesus Christ "'Sometimes I couldn't think of what to say,' she told me, dying with laughter, 'but it was enough for me to know that he was getting them.'" (93-94) -Santiago dies upon wooden door, Jesus dies upon a wooden cross -did not resist in their deaths -both are judged by civil and religious authorities - links back to falconry -Innocent to some, guilty to others -Townspeople decided the fate of both:
-Did not stop the brothers from killing Santiago
-Chose to crucify Jesus. -Jesus dies to save the good of mankind, Santiago dies to restore the honour of the Vicarios -Public Event:
-Whole town watched Jesus carry his cross to the crucifixion site and watched him die
-Whole town watched Santiago die and they all knew he was going to die -Godlike strength
“He stood up...and started to walk in a lane of hallucination, holding his hanging intestines in his hands” (119). -"The knife went through the palm of his right hand and then sank into his side up to the hilt” (177). - symbolizes the guilt accompanied with the crime
- some were directly impacted by Santiago's death
- Hortensia Baute (ran into the streets naked), Flora Miguel (Nasar's fiancee ran away with a lieutenant of the border patrol only to be prostituted), Don Rogelio de la Flor (Clotilde Armenta's husband. 86 years old and witnessed Nasar hewn to bits against the door and he died of shock)
- let the murder happen despite several warnings by the twins -Both are stabbed in the side -Both invoke the name of their mother before death
-Santiago: "'Oh mother of mine!'" (117)
-Jesus: "Jesus said to his mother: 'Woman, this is your son.'-Then he said to the disciple: 'This is your mother.'"
(Gospel of John 19:26-27) -Santiago dies in kitchen = Eating the body of Christ Before the Death -Jesus asked his 3 closest friends to pray with him

-After the wedding, Santiago retires with his 3 closest friends but instead of praying they go to a brothel Cock-Crowing -"'...the cocks began to crow'" (13). -"...and the cocks began to crow in their baskets..." (16).

-"'Cocks could be heard'" (21). Santiago's Innocence -"'...the knife kept coming out clean,' Pedro Vicario declared to the investigator. 'I'd given it to him at least three times and there wasn't a single drop of blood'" (118). -dressed in white, which was reserved for priests.

-Jesus wore white linen when he was captured and he was both a priest and a victim

-Santiago is just a victim, however his name means Saint. 7 Deadly Sins -"Seven of the many wounds were fatal" (75).

-The town was really corrupt, the bishop hated it. "Then they both kept on knifing him against the door with alternate and easy stabs, floating in the dazzling backwater they had found on the other side of fear. The didn't hear the shouts of the whole town, frightened by its own crime." (Marquez 118) -something done or endured by one person substituting for another.
-Ex. The Pope is Jesus' substitute on Earth and acts vicariously for him -Pablo = Paul
-Pedro = Peter

-the two main disciples of Jesus
-Peter was the first Pope, appointed by Jesus to take his place Peter/Pedro -Peter: ignorant, simple and shows great leadership -Pedro: ignorant and simple
-makes important decisions, he decides to kill Santiago
-establishes family pig busines -translates to Pontious Pilate -Pilate did not encourage the mob to kill Jesus, but he did not stop it either
-Poncio did not stop his sons from killing Nasar

-Both men turned a blind eye to the killing
-Poncio is literally blind
-Pilate walked away in a sense -means honest man in the Qu'ran

-used to portray flaws in religion by through his actions and character
- Jesus, son of Abraham Angela Vicario -means Angel, which is a messenger of God
- irony She marked Santiago for death Nahir Miguel Miguel- "Who is like god?" Margot Margot- Pearl Flora Miguel -Flora: flower in Latin

-Miguel: he who resembles God Xius Xius- Zeus
“windswept hill, and from the terrace you could see the limitless paradise of the marshes covered with purple anemones, and on clear summer days you could make out the neat horizon of the Caribbean and the tourist ships from Cartagena de Indias”(35)

“objects in the house had been bought by his wife over a whole lifetime of sacrifice and that for him they were still a part of her”(36) Purisma
del Carmen -means pure of song
-Carmen= Carmel= Virgin Mary Divina Flor -divine flower Victoria Guzman -Victoria means victory

-Guzman stands for noble, lord or cadet who has served the military Clothilde Armenta Mythical Bay Horse Maria Cervantes Maria- Bitterness In French literature from the 12th century
appears first in "chansons de geste" a series of epic poems from France
appears in Italian poems too
supernatural powers
also referred to as "Bayardo" Foolish, blind horse 13th century, normal bay horse
portrayal in English literature
"Though you search afar, you shall never find it. Be you as bold as Bayardo the blind, that blunders forth and perceives no peril" (Canterbury Tales)

1.a magical legendary horse in medieval chivalric romances.
2.a mock-heroic name for any horse. (Dictionary.com) Bayardo is described with many magical qualities
"golden eyes"(25)
"he looked like a fairy"(26)
"the strange man is called Bayardo San Roman, and everybody says he is enchanting"
“he challenged the most skillful swimmers, who were many and left the best behind by twenty strokes”(27) blindy chose to become Angela's husband
devastated once he realizes Angela is not a virgin.
"perceives no peril"
"He was in the last stages of ethylic intoxication"(84)
"That was all we had left of him, the memory of a victim"(86)
"He was fat and was beginning to lose his hair, and he already needed glasses to see things closeby"(95) - relationship between Bayardo and Angela "'The time has come for you to be tamed,' he told her" (9) Ferocity of love "The pursuit of love is like falconry" (1) Falcon - Angela
Falconer - Bayardo
Prey - Santiago Nasar
Two talons of falcon - the twins “A falcon who chases a warlike crane can only hope for a life of pain.” (65) ..... “It was she who did away with my generation’s virginity” St. Clothilde was the patron saint of children
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