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How did the Printing Press affect the Protestant Reformation

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Natalia Posada

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of How did the Printing Press affect the Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation
How did the Catholic Church lose influence and followers in 1400-1500?
It lost lots of followers, power and influence because people wanted to study but their money was being wasted buying fake indulgences, which assured people that "if they bought them, they would avoid going to the purgatory and hell", this way church could raise money.
What was the impact of the Printing Press in the Protestant Reformation?
It helped Luther´s opinions and disagreement to spread around, this way people would be informed about reality. His followers also started disagreeing with the teachings of the Catholic Church, so a protest started. His followers started a new Christian discussion. This fights lasted until mid- seventeenth century.
How did the church react to Luther´s opinions?
Pope Leo X demanded that Luther recant 41 of his 95 theses and in January, 1521, Luther was excommunated from church. He was a monk but the church prohibited him from entering the church. Lutheranism was then created by his followers and they stated that reading the bible was the way to learn how to have a good life.
The Reformation spread to France and Switzerland and John Calvin started the idea of predestination, which was that even if you were good or bad in your life, before you were born, you were already assigned a place either in heaven or in hell. This idea was also wrong, but since no one had any idea of how they could get to heaven, they had to believe this idea.
Martin Luther didn´t agree with the church´s ideas and thought that it was unfair that they were selling fake indulgences, so he started a discussion within the church so that people knew the real path to salvation and so that they saw his 95 theses/ arguments about his inconformity in the door of Uttenberg Cathedral. People realized that Luther´s ideas were right, so they became Lutherans.
Protest: To express strong objection

Reform: To improve by correcting errors
Personal opinion
It was amazing that someone could find out the truth about the path to salvation, since no one could read the Bible and confirm. Fortunately Luther was brave enough to stand up and defy the church to prove them wrong. Also, he was able to create the 95 theses expressing his thoughts against the church. It should have been a very tough decision to make for Luther to make, since he was taking the risk of being excommunated.
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