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Word Study

How to Example: Phil 2:1 "Consulation"

Erick Vaughn

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Word Study

Go slow
Stay focused on what God is teaching you and others (rather than how much you can study and get through)
Easy to chase rabbits, so limit what you are going to study (pick one word, one greek or hebrew word, etc.)
Get e-sword: it is a great tool
Learn Boolean searches (example friend*) Advice: “consolation”
Reading Phil, came to 2:1
This word stood out to me
One of those words you think you know what it means, but if honest with self... Studies Man's Definition:
source of comfort: a source of comfort to somebody who is upset or disappointed
comfort to somebody in distress: comfort to somebody who is distressed or disappointed
game for earlier losers: a game or contest held for people or teams who have lost earlier in a tournament
Consolation prize... Mentions in the Bible:
•15 times in 14 verses (consolation* 17 verses)
•1st Mention = Jer 16:7 (cup of consolation) *Job 15:11 (Are consolations of God small with thee?)
•1st Mention N.T. = Luke 2:25 (consolation of Israel)
•Last mention = Heb 6:18 (we, the Jews, might have a strong consolation)
•Last mention O.T. - Jer 15:7 Other mentions
Luke 6:24 (woe to rich, have received their consolation)
Act 4:36 (Joses = "The son of consolation")
Act 15:31 (rejoiced for the consolation: hearing the epistle)
Rom 15:5 (God of patience and consolation grant likemindedness in Christ Jesus, previous verse talks of the "comfort of the Scriptures = hope)
2 Cor 1:5 (suffering of Christ abounds in us AS: our consolation aboundeth by Christ)
2 Cor 1:6 (affliction and comfort is for your consolation and salvation)
2 Cor 1:7 (partakers of sufferings = partakers of the consolation)
2 Cor 7:7 (God comforted Corithians by coming of Titus and by the consolation wherewith he was comforted in the Corithians
Phil 2:1 (if there be consolation in Christ and any other good thing must be likeminded)
2 Thess 2:16 (God has given us everlasting consolation)
Phm 1:7 (Paul has great joy and consolation in Philemon's love, because the saints are refreshed by Philemon) What? Why? To the Source! Outline My Template Example Final Words of Wisdom What is a word study?
-simple study of a term in the Bible
-use of concordance to study the Biblical meaning
-comparison of context, usage, frequency, & meaning Why do a word study?
Understand Biblical concepts
Guiding your study of a passage
Deepen understanding
Unlocking truths “which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” I Corinthians 2:13
Know God's definition What the Bible says:
Prov 30:5 - "Every word of God is pure..."
Joh 21:24-25 - God does not waste words like us!
Joh 20:30-31 - God gives us specific words for a reason
Deu 8:3/Matt 4:4/Luke 4:4 - we are to live by every word
1 Cor 2:13 (1-16) - compare scripture to scripture
Heb 13:8; Mal 3:6 - Key words/phrases are consistent Outline of a word study:
Choose a word (topic, as part of another study, led by God)
First Mention: establishes a pattern
Last Mention: provides a summary from God’s view
Count: often reveals importance of a word
Definition: Strong’s is a good place to start
Bible defines itself – bible is the authority/ strong’s & e-sword are good tools, you must pray, read, and study through the verses
Application My Template
Word = (Strong’s ####) Hebrew/Greek
“definition (s)”
:- also translated as “word”, “word”
1st Mention = Book 00:00, notes
1st Mention this Greek word = Book 00:00, notes
1st Mention N.T. = Book 00:00, notes
Last mention = Book 00:00, notes
Other mentions = Book 00:00, notes Strong's:
H8575 (5) = compassion, solace :- consolations (3), comforts (1), consolation (1)
G3874 (29) = imploration, hortation, solace :- comfort (6), consolation (14), exhortation (8), entreaty (1) Application:
Earthly/Physical consolation vs. Spiritual (while on Earth & eternal in Heaven)
- will have to make a choice sometime be prepared to choose
Man's vs. God's
Believers can comfort us, but God's is everlasting!
comfort others (Eph 4:32), but be no "respector" of persons (Rom 2:11, Col 3:25, James 2:9)
Associated with: Christ, Suffering, Joy, Hope, Peace, Likemindedness with Christ & believers
Ye will suffer for Christ (1 Pet 3:17; 2 Tim 3:12), but ye also have perfect joy, peace, hope etc. because of Christ and the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22)
Only by being likeminded (Rom 15:5, Phil 2:2) will I have comfort, because I'll be growing into what God made me to be (Rom 8:29, Rom 12:2,
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