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The Debt Team Prezi

This Prezi Talks about the Issue of the Economy and how we an be unaffected by the state of the economy if we become a local economy

ColTOnn CarRTerRR

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Debt Team Prezi

Starting a Local Economy. And by overcoming these obstacles you are on a path to start a local self sustaining local economy, Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Starting a Local Economy! To make a Local Currency, there is one main rule that you must follow Your solution to this Problem is... The Debt Team and their idea of a local economy Those are just a few obstacles you will have to surpass to start a local economy Getting your community to accept a local
currency This is you, and you are someone who is caught up in the poor state of the american economy. Your "obstacle" in
this situation is the
fact that you don't
know how to become
self-sufficient and away
from the "bad" economy The Feds How does one start a local economy you ask? Well, you can refer to the hand out we've given you, but one thing the handout doesn't say, is how to your community to accept a local currency The one rule you must follow, is that your local currency must be in
bill form, and at least in the U.S, it is legal to make a local currency in a bill form, but coin form is illegal (or else the feds will get ya'!). Your Obstacle in this situation is making a local currency that wont get you arrested by the feds. To get your Community to accept a local currency, you will need to have a local non national bank to accept the currency, and then exchange dollar bills for the new form of cash you have or will make (or made). EASY AS PIE! Our personal definition of what a local economy is: an economy that is restricted to anything within a specific community or town What is so bad about the american economy you ask? Well, lets put it like this: if you were to donate one million dollars to the U.S treasury, in the time it would take to find a letter and write a check, the U.S's debt would've already increased by one million dollars. Self-Sufficient: able to provide for your own needs without help from others (including the government) The End!
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