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"Ball Don't Lie" By: Matt de la Pena

No description

Briana Schwab

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of "Ball Don't Lie" By: Matt de la Pena

"Ball Don't Lie" This Presentation is By: Briana Schwab Setting:
Los Angeles
Around the late 1990's Point of View= 3rd Person Omniscient Theme: Don't let anyone tell you what to do or how to act because you are your own person and have confidence in yourself! By: Matt de la Pena Characters:
Sticky- Main character: Round
Annie (Anh-Thu)- Sticky's girlfriend: Flat
Dante- Sticky's best friend: Round
Fat Chuck- Assaults Sticky: Flat
Rob- Sticky's enemy at Lincoln Rec: Round
Baby- Sticky's biological mother: Flat
Laura- Annie's best friend: Flat
Jimmy- Manager of Lincoln Rec/ Has a speech impediment: Flat
Dread Lock Man, Trey, Dallas, Hawk, Big Mac, New York, Ray, Slim, Dollar Bill, Old Man Perkins (OP) - Guys at Lincoln Rec: Flat Plot:
Adopted 3 times
Goes to school , but not a lot of effort
Plays at Lincoln Rec with a bunch of MUCH older guys
Has a girlfriend and is not afraid to steal to impress her
Fighting with Rob/ Fat Chuck
Receives a scholarship and an invite to a professional basketball camp
Does he make it? Internal Conflict= Sticky vs. himself
External Conflict= Sticky vs. Rob and Fat Chuck There is a lot of suspense (especially during the fighting!)
Not a whole lot of foreshadowing! :( Local Color= Slang (page 28) I really do recommend this book if you:
like basketball
are just in the mood for a touching/ sad story
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