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The North-West Rebellion

No description

Mike Kramer

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of The North-West Rebellion

The North-West Rebellion
The north-west rebellion started in 1885. It was a brief uprising of the metis people because of their rising fear and insecurity when surveyors came and started splitting the land for the square concession system for agriculture and other uses.They thought that the canadians had failed to give them protection of their rights. So, they decided to bring Louis Riel back to set up the provisional government of Saskatchewan hoping that they could persuade the canadian government the same way they did the first time during the red river rebellion. This didn't work so a bunch of battles followed after this.
Differences From the First Rebellion
There were a few differences from the first rebellion that helped the canadian government. For example, the canadian government now had the Canadian Pacific Railway which helped them transport troops and ammunition faster than the metis could.
Prosecuting The Rebels
After all of the battles , lots of the rebels have been captured and are given the death sentence. Louis riel was hung too, but, his hanging was staged three times, twice to appeal to higher courts and once for a fuller examination of his alleged insanity. He was finally hanged on November 16, 1885.
The Battles That Occurred
The Battle of Duck lake- March 26, 1885
Looting of Battleford- March 30,1885
Frog Lake Massacre- April 2, 1885
Battle of Fort Pitt-April 15, 1885
Battle of Fish Creek- April 24, 1885
Battle of Cut Knife- May 2, 1885
Battle of Batoche- May 9, 1885
Battle of Frenchman's Butte- May 28, 1885
Battle of Loon Lake- June 3, 1885
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