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Wait List Decisions

Wait List FAQ's

UNC Wilmington

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Wait List Decisions

Frequently Asked Questions
About a "Wait List" Decision

Why was I wait listed?
We received more than 12,000 applications for a freshmen class of approximately 1,950. The average SAT (Critical Reading & Math only) for admitted students is approximately 1130-1250, the average ACT Composite is 25, and the average GPA is 4.02. Admitted students have earned mostly A’s and had AP, IB and/or honors courses in their junior and senior years. Generally speaking, wait list candidates present solid academic credentials. The committee has offered you a place on the wait list because, if space becomes available, we would be pleased to reconsider your application.
Why was I wait listed when I know you offered admission to anotherstudent from my
high school with a lower SAT or GPA?
The committee uses a holistic approach in evaluating each applicant’s credentials. A decision is not made based on one or two factors. We do not simply compare a GPA or SAT and assume one applicant is stronger than another. When evaluating an application we also consider class rank, grades, difficulty of coursework (APs, IBs, Honors), strength of the senior year schedule, extracurricular activities, essay, and school recommendation.
What if I do not return the enclosed
wait list response form?
If you do not return the form by May 1,
we will determine that you are not interested in
being added to our wait list and your file will become
How does the wait list
process work?
We have made an offer to be included on our wait list
to approximately 300 applicants. Between mid-May and early
June, the admission committee will evaluate our wait list and
may make offers of admission through June 15, if space
becomes available.
How many students have you taken
from the wait list in the past?
While, we are usually able to admit some students from
the wait list, the number is difficult to predict. We will not
know until after May 1 how many students who were offered
admission will choose to attend UNCW. Wait list offers vary
each year.
Do you rank the
wait list?
We do not rank the wait list. The admission committee will reevaluate
every wait listed student’s credentials. Students are admitted
from the wait list who will best complement our freshman class.
Will financial aid be available after
June 15?
Financial aid is not processed until a student is admitted. Some students admitted from the wait list may not receive federal, state or institutional grants/scholarships and need-based work opportunities this year due to the fact that most of that aid will have already been awarded. However, the Federal Pell Grant and federal loans are available throughout the year. If you have not already done so, you will need to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for the Pell Grant and/or federal loan. The FAFSA is available online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/. The federal code for UNCW is 002984.
Will admission from the wait list affect
my on-campus housing options?
On-campus housing may be difficult to attain after May 1. When on-campus housing is full, Housing and Residence Life develops a wait list and pulls from that list as space becomes available. If on-campus housing is not available, the Office of the Dean of Students will assist you with finding housing off campus. There are many options that are very close to UNCW’s campus.
Will additional information
make a difference?
We probably have all your most recent information such as test scores and semester grades. If you have new information, please feel free to send it.
I know someone who was admitted and is
not going to enroll, can I take their place?
This situation has already been taken into consideration. Our decision to offer admission to a wait-listed student is made on a case-by-case basis and considers all credentials, rather than whether or not another student declined our offer.
I have been accepted at other schools, but
I really want to attend UNCW. An
enrollment deposit is due by May 1.
What should I do?
Since we cannot guarantee we will admit anyone
from the wait list, we strongly urge you to deposit
at another school to reserve your space. If you do
not deposit, and we are unable to admit you from
the wait list, you might not be left with any options for the fall semester.. Keep in mind most enrollment deposits
are non-refundable.
Should I consider going somewhere else
and try to transfer to UNCW later?
You may want to discuss the idea of transferring
with your guidance counselor. If you choose this
option, we suggest you attend an accredited two-or
four-year institution and pursue a liberal arts program.
Please visit our website at
to learn more about our transfer admission process.
What should I do now? I am very disappointed.
We realize that wait list is a difficult decision to receive, and we apologize for continuing to cause you uncertainty about your admission to UNCW.
We hope you feel some relief in knowing that you are among a small group of students that has impressed us with their credentials. We have complete confidence that you have the ability to succeed at UNCW. It is important to remember that you have the choice to accept or decline our
offer to remain on our wait list. If you choose to remain active in our applicant pool, please return the wait list form you received in the mail by mail or fax (910-962-3038) no later than May 1. You can also complete it online at: http://www.uncw.edu/admissions/WaitListResponseForm. We recognize that this is an important decision and you must decide what is in your best interest.
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