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The False Prince

No description

Jaelyn Smith

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of The False Prince

Book Report By: Jaelyn S.
Written By: Jennifer Nielsen
Conner, the master, picks 4 boys from 3 different orphanages, who are Roden, Tobias, Latamer, and Sage. One of the boys doesn't feel so good and one of Conner's vigils shoots him to death with an arrow. The 3 boys who are left have to go along with Conner's plan, which is to make one of the 3 boys Prince Jaron who is the lost prince of Carthya. There is a legend that says that his ship was attacked by pirates, but Conner still thinks that Jaron is still alive. They all have to learn how to ride horses, how to fight, how to eat properly, and about history. In the end, Sage, who is the most trouble, ends up being chosen to lead Carthya and to become king. Sage is actually Jaron but has been living in orphanages and went by the name "Sage" for 4 years since his father, the old king, sent him away.
Author's Purpose
Main Characters
The settings in "The False Prince" are...
The False Prince
Real book picture
The author's purpose for writing "The False Prince" is to entertain the and take the reader on an adventure. All her details made the story feel like it is in real life. When I read the book,I felt like I was the one, instead of Sage, who was getting into trouble, and managed to become the prince of Carthya.
Point of View
The main character's point of view in "The False Prince" is first person. When Sage, the main character, referred to himself he would say "I" or "me". The story had the voice of Sage from the beginning, to the last page of the book.
1st Person
3rd Person
The main characters in "The False Prince" are...
At an orphanage
In the woods
Inside Conner's house
In a hotel
Inside and outside the castle
Different Types of Imagery
Imagery in "The False Prince"
Personal Opinion
In my opinion, "The False Prince" is an awesome book that makes the reader feel like they are inside the story. This book has a lot of adventure and real life action. I sometimes was really mad at Sage and all the trouble he caused on purpose. It was almost as if he wanted all the beatings. I found out later that he was doing all the bad stuff that he did on purpose because he didn't want anybody to know that he was the real "lost" prince of Carthya. It was an amazing story to read!
Different Types of Figurative Language
Examples of Figurative Language
It was a circlet of gold, with rubies sat at the base of every arch, and was trimmed in braided gold bands.
The stars are shining for you tonight
Her tone was icy
Bite your words
Avenia will strike and swallow up Carthya
The gate was clogged with large, rotting chunks of food and debris.
There were 19 other regents in the room, seated according to their rank at a long rectangular table.
This is the scene when Prince Jaron is finding a way into the castle. He and Roden have a fight for the throne. Jaron wins and his crown floats down the river.
Hint- Avenia and Carthya are both cities
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