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Political Parties

No description

Bruce Franchi

on 28 November 2018

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Transcript of Political Parties

Strict Constructionism
Two-Party System is born
Republicans and Democrats
Chief Diplomat
Chief Legislator
How did they begin?
Two-Party System
Economic Planner
Political Parties
Broad Constructionism
What is a Political Party?
Pick a nominee to represent the party in an election
Help their nominee get elected
Govern based on their party's platform
Let's Discuss
In 2015, America has greater income inequality that any other time in our history, even greater than just before the Great Depression. What should the President's role be in addressing this?
Let's Discuss
The modern president is expected to have a legislative agenda and a proposed budget every year. How does this evolution affect the balance of power?
Let's Discuss
Roughly half of our 44 presidents have had some military experience, but it is not a requirement for the office. Why did the founding fathers decide to put the president in charge of the military?
Let's Discuss
Since 1961, the US has not recognized the communist government in Cuba. This cold shoulder approach has not worked as we'd hoped. Should we try a new diplomatic approach?
A group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office.
What does a political party do?
3 Elements of a Political Party
1. Party Organization
(people who run the party)
2. Party in Government
(elected politicians)
3. Party in the Electorate
(people who vote)
Platform - the set of beliefs and principles that a political party is based on.
What are the 2 major political parties in America?
What are the platforms for each major party?
Should we have more than two parties? Why or why not?
Election of 1796:
Does the US have any other political parties?
Washington's Farewell Address
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